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Student groups epitomize spirit of Unity Day

April 21, 2005

Beautiful weather brought students and other Marist College organizations out to the campus green for Unity Day, cosponsored by the Student Programming Council (SPC) and SEED, on Saturday, Apr. 16, 2005 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Matthew Hittenmark, Vice President of Club Affairs for the Student Government Association, was in charge of planning the event.

“Today was 10 times better than last year. The unifying theme with the student organizations representing different cultures really helped to push the ideas of unity on campus,” Hittenmark said.

Some of the campus organizations that joined SEED and SPC for unity included: Marist College Council on Theatre Arts (MCCTA), sororities, fraternities, Marist College Dance Club, Gay-Straight Alliance, amongst others. Each organization was given different countries or cultures to represent. For example, SPC was Jamaica and MCCTA was Vatican City. Some of the other countries represented included: Brazil, Egypt, Italy, Yetmen, Spain, etc.

Laura Monroe, Mike Strong and Nicole Martin represented SPC at the event. “We were able to get all the clubs together and put on a great event four all Marist Students,” Monroe said.

“One of the most successful events all semester,” Monroe said, to which Strong and Martin agreed. “Everyone had fun just hanging out.”

“Taking the unifying theme and applying it to the clubs all working for the same goal helped,” Monroe added.

SPC provided the entertainment for the event. Student group Nine Pints Later, which won the battle of the bands, performed as well as Parker House and Theory. The past two Marist Idol winners also performed at Unity Day. Inflatable games were also available for students to have fun in between learning, eating and getting airbrush tattoos. Marist mascot Shooter also walked around to help the spirit at the day.

Besides Marist students, prospective students were also able to see Unity Day. “Tours were going though. They got to see the college at its best,” Monroe said.

Unity Day was also combined with Earth Day as SEED was a big part of helping with the day. “Everything is connected and that is what today is about,” said Kerri Kannengieser, former vice president of SEED.

The day, she said, also met with her approval.

“This year was better than last year and next year should be even better,” she said.

SEED sponsored painting one’s own pots so that the students could plant their own seeds and watch them grow. The group also worked with Sodexo to create the Lug-a-Mug program. Special mugs were handed out to students at Unity to help “reduce, reuse and recycle at Marist” according to the cards contained inside. The mug allows students to go into the cafes on campus and get a 5 cent discount on any fountain drink. The goal is to reduce the use of the paper cups to create a cleaner environment.

Tee shirts were also handed out by SPC and SEED, printed with a quote that summed up the day’s meaning: “If one seeks to change the world/One must seek to change themselves / accept diversity and oppose discrimination…Fight for those who have no voice and dream of a world full of Unity.”



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