A Writer's Journey

“Through the Mists” Blurbs

Nana Rosie needs to settle her two young charges for the night. An unexpected snowfall isn’t helping matters. She tells them a story, promising both romance and adventure.

She tells of Prince Ryan of Engledale, who falls in love for the first time with the mysterious Lady Gloria. When she disappears the morning of their wedding, he desperately tries to find her to no avail. He vows to never love again and steels his heart. As he grows increasingly cold, he ascends to the throne. At his coronation, he meets the spirited Lady Ashlynn. The two begin a friendship that starts to thaw the young king.

When the young king faces an international crisis, there is only one way to prevent war with neighboring country Aldonia. Ryan agrees to marry their princess, Caroline. Neither she nor her brother are happy that their widowed mother agreed to the match. Yet Caroline knows her duty and goes on with the marriage. When their ship is attacked, they rely must rely on a witch, Fiona, who lives at the base of the mountains to help them.

The small group faces a hard climb, especially with the language barriers. Slowly, Caroline and Ryan form a friendship. As their relationship flourishes, it is soon faced with challenges when Lady Ashlynn re-enters Ryan’s life. And he may find out what happened to Lady Gloria…


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