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June 12, 2017

Summer is Coming

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Get it?

And I’m not even a fan of Game of Thrones.

I’m going to go put myself in the corner when I’m done with this post. Don’t worry.

We’ve already had a heatwave here in New York. Three days in mid-May peaked over 90 degrees—all in a row. It was like a preview for the summer.

However, the weather since has been mixed. Sometimes it’s been really nice, sometimes…not so much. It’s been chilly and rainy. Very rainy. Hopefully this isn’t an indicator of how the summer is going to go.



November 16, 2015

Confused Weather

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What month is it again? The calendar says November but the weather is like “April. Maybe May.” It’s confusing! Let’s take a couple Thursdays ago, for example. It looked like autumn outside—gray skies and leaves falling from the trees. But it was 70 degrees outside. I was able to walk around without a jacket.

And I drove to work listening to Christmas music. The city where I work had put up the lighted snowflakes and Christmas wreathes. It was kind of weird. But also a case of déjà vu. Last year, we had warm weather early in November. I felt the same thing then as I do now.

I wish the weather would pick a setting and stay there. This up and down is killing my sinuses. I need a break. Right now, the weather needs to stay cool. It’s November. Thanksgiving is coming as is Christmas. The weather is supposed to be getting cooler. We’re supposed to break out the warmer clothing. I think they’re cuter anyway.

And it’s time for some hot chocolate. I love it but only when it’s cold enough for it.

So how ‘bout it, weather? Can you pick a temperature and stay with it?

Thank you.

January 19, 2015

Thinking Warm Thoughts

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It’s not as cold as it got last year but damn did it get close. I’ve been layering up whenever I leave the house. A vest, a fleece-lined jacket, scarf, headband, and gloves have been keeping me warm. We havent’ seen the same snow fall we saw last year but we’ve always gotten a bit more than the dusting the weathermen say we’ll get.

Here’s the thing: I love the cold. I flourish in it rather than the heat. But it’s once again too cold for me. I do better above the freezing mark. Like, low 40s, high 30s. Cold, but not too cold. I guess the word I would use is brisk. I like brisk weather.


April 22, 2013

Opening the Window…

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Winter has gone on forever, it seems. But some warm weather finally came our way around Easter. And Easter Friday, I could open my bedroom window.

I love the first time I can open my bedroom window as it’s one of the harbingers of spring. The warm breeze blowing my door shut. Fresh air blowing away the stale winter air. The smell of fresh air filling my room and lingering. Oh, it’s great.


March 4, 2013

In Like a Lion…

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It’s March! Time sure flies, don’t it? Of course, I’m writing this in early February so it’s my own fault. But we’ll ignore that for now, okay?

March is a funny time weather-wise here in New York. A few years ago, a cousin who lives in South Carolina came up to visit us and the city. She and I e-mailed prior to her visit and one of the topics was what she should pack. I told her to pack both warm and cold weather clothing because she could get both within the week she’d be with us. Actually, it snowed one of the days she was here. Nothing drastic—the flakes were fat and had little chance of sticking to anything besides people and grass. By the afternoon, it was gone.

So I don’t know what type of weather I’m in for this month. Hopefully, it’s warm as Easter is at the end of the month. I hate cold Easters.

But one of the good things is that it’s getting lighter out. Yes, I know that’s been happening since December. But it’s really noticeable now. And I like when it stays lighter longer.

Changes of the season also inspire me more. I’m not sure why, but it does. And March is no different. It’s when I was finally figured out how to write “The Conference House.” Of course, I thought I’d be done with it by now but…well, things happen. But I’m back to “The Conference House.” More on that in another post.

So let’s see what March brings, shall we?

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