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July 14, 2017

I Dream of Paris…

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I knew that when I got to high school, I wanted to study French. And I did, even though Spanish probably would’ve been more useful. I was one of eleven girls in my high school class who learned the language and we all got really close because our class was so small. We also learned about French culture and history, enjoying our lessons. Our one dream was to go to Disneyland Paris as a class.

However, we went to Catholic school so there definitely was no budget to send us to Paris. We had enough to go to Quebec in Canada, which was gorgeous and still gave us a chance to practice our French. And in college, I went abroad to England and don’t regret it.

There was a plan for a family vacation to France when I graduated college. We would visit Paris and my father wanted to go to Normandy, since his father landed at Utah Beach on D-Day. He also spent a month stationed at Marseilles. My grandfather didn’t speak much of his time in the war so I guess my father wanted to feel closer to that part of him. However, I graduated in 2008 just as the recession kicked in, so that trip got scrubbed. We went to Boston instead.

Yet, I still want to go to Paris. I would love to stroll down the streets of the City of Lights, take in the sights, take in the history and just be there. It would be a dream come true.



July 10, 2017

Lessons Learned on Vacation

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I went to Walt Disney World during June. My father retired at the end of April and this was his celebration. So my parents, sister, aunt and I went down to spend a week at the Most Magical Place on Earth. At the end of that week, I learned some things about myself.

I am an adult.

No, that’s not a “I’m too old for Walt Disney World” realization. I firmly believe that you can never outgrow Disney World and that there’s plenty to do as an adult, even without a child.

It’s just a realization.


September 7, 2015

Vacation Roundup!

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As I said two weeks ago, I was on vacation.

But something strange happened to me. Something that’s never happened before on a vacation (especially a Disney one). I looked at my parents and said I was done. They were surprised but they said we had San Diego to unwind.

I had to clarify then what I meant by done. I was done with hotel rooms, eating out, walking around—I was done with vacation. Instead of driving to San Diego, I wanted to go back to the airport and fly home to New York. Maybe bum around my house for the next three or four days of the time I took off from work. Go see a Broadway show on a discounted ticket or hang out at the Jersey shore.


August 17, 2015


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I’m on vacation!

Time to rest, relax and have fun. And to spend time with my family.

I hope you guys all get to do the same at some point before 2015 is up.

So I’ll see everyone next week.

April 27, 2015

Training Time

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A couple weeks ago, I went to a three day training for my job. It was held at a hotel in White Plains and we were required to stay there due to early mornings and long days. And they were long, filled with a lot of work. But I learned a lot of new things, got some new ideas for work.

I felt quite grown up. Never mind the fact I’m almost thirty. It was just a feeling I had while sitting in the back of the taxi, heading back to the train station to go home.


January 19, 2015

Thinking Warm Thoughts

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It’s not as cold as it got last year but damn did it get close. I’ve been layering up whenever I leave the house. A vest, a fleece-lined jacket, scarf, headband, and gloves have been keeping me warm. We havent’ seen the same snow fall we saw last year but we’ve always gotten a bit more than the dusting the weathermen say we’ll get.

Here’s the thing: I love the cold. I flourish in it rather than the heat. But it’s once again too cold for me. I do better above the freezing mark. Like, low 40s, high 30s. Cold, but not too cold. I guess the word I would use is brisk. I like brisk weather.


June 16, 2014

Vacation Shmacation

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Who has two thumbs and just got back from vacation? This blogger!

My family and I went to Walt Disney World for eight days. And we had a lot of fun, even if it was hot and crowded at times. I was even there for the Magic Kingdom’s 24 hour event. Not all 24 hours, but I was there until 5:15 in the morning. And it was fun! Nothing like seeing the limits to how chipper cast members can stay. (It was 3:30 AM though some of them tried). After those eight days, we then went on a four-night Disney Cruise, making stops in Nassau and Castaway Cay. I enjoyed the sunshine and the relaxation.

I also thought it would be a vacation from writing. The day before we flew down to Florida, I had finished my NaNoWriMo 2013 project, Dreams of a Rose. And I was quite proud of myself. Proud enough to give myself a break.

How foolish I was! You’d think by now I’d learn I can’t schedule breaks from writing. When inspiration hits, it hits.

And in this case, it hit in the Space Mountain queue. The ride was experiencing problems and so we were stuck waiting. And I was just thinking. Perhaps it was all the princesses, being in Disney, but I thought of my ongoing fascination with using the Cinderella tale for a novel. I had thought about turning it into a historical fiction novel. But then it hit me: Make it a pure fantasy! Create my own world! And I got more. Just one sentence: Cinderella is her own fairy godmother. I even got a title! Ella, Witch of the Cinders.

Catchy, huh?

So now I’m working everything out. Characters, plot, world, etc. I’ve started my first draft. In fact, I bought a notebook and pen in Disney to do so because I was having computer problems. I resolved the computer problems toward the end of the week, when I finally had time to sit down. So I started to write but the parks called to me. I couldn’t ignore the places that gave me inspiration, right?

I did do a little writing in the book I bought, mostly on the cruise. It was quite nice to write on my verandah with the sea breeze blowing around me. It was also my first attempt to not write linearly, like a usually do. Not sure what the outcome will be, but it’s always good for a writer to break out of his/her comfort zone—right?

Here’s hoping all my vacations are this productive!

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