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April 4, 2017

Long Live Outlaw Queen

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This entry started off as something completely different. It goes back to this entry where I wrote about how the writers of Once Upon a Time were bringing Robin Hood (Sean Maguire) back for a multi-episode arc. That arc began at the very end of Episode 10 (“Wish You Were Here”) when Regina (Lana Parrilla) encountered a version of Robin Hood in a realm created by a wish made by the Evil Queen, and ended two Sundays ago with Episode 14 (“Page 23”).

When Once came back after the winter hiatus (“Tougher Than the Rest”), Regina pursued Robin to find out if his life was better without her. She found out this Robin lost Marian before he could marry her and never became a thief with honor, stealing for himself rather than giving it to the poor. He admitted that he wasn’t happy and that it seemed the other version of him had a good life, even if it was cut short. Robin and Regina still had that connection, that pull, and they popped thanks to Parrilla’s and Maguire’s chemistry. Emma (Jennifer Morrison) suggested Regina take Robin back with them to Storybrooke and he agreed.



October 4, 2016

When Fans Win!

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I had another entry partially written but something happened  Tuesday, September 27th, that made me start all over again.

As you know, I’ve been very vocal all summer long about how upset I am that Once Upon a Time killed off Robin Hood and let Sean Maguire go. Many of us have been. The week prior, an interview with creators Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis was published where they said they got 3000 tweets every 2 seconds about Robin.

I did the math. That’s 129,600,000 tweets.


In the same interview, though, they said that there were no plans to bring Robin Hood back and that “dead is dead.” As you can imagine, the fans were not too happy to hear that and a bit confused. How could over 100 million tweets not make them reconsider their decision?

Well, it looks like it did.


June 27, 2016

Fighting the Good Fight

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Over the past year or so, I’ve gotten candid about being a fan of the TV show Once Upon a Time. I’ve also been forthright about being a total fangirl for the Outlaw Queen ship. As such, May was tough month for me and my shipmates. On the season’s penultimate episode, Robin Hood (Sean Maguire) was killed off.

It was a heroic death. And a beautiful scene. It was also a complete slap in the face to Robin’s fans and to Sean, in my opinion. Because Robin didn’t just die. His soul was obliterated. No chance of an afterlife, no better place. He’s just…gone. Which makes it very, very slim that he will come back.

But we won’t give up. And I am including myself in that. After a few days of crying, I grew angry and determined. While sitting in the courtroom, I decided that I was going to write a letter to ABC. And I did. I wrote about what Robin Hood meant to me and how I felt his death sent the wrong message to fans. A man who was honorable and always tried to do the right thing didn’t a get a chance to move on to a better place after we spent an arc watching several characters, including villains, get that chance. So be good and get nothing, be evil and get everything.

I wrote that it seemed to me that the network didn’t interfere much with the show’s production and so I appreciated the faith they placed in the writers. But that I believed this was a time they needed to step in and encourage the writers to reverse their decision. To make Robin undeaded.


March 7, 2016

Congrats, Once Upon a Time

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As I’ve made clear several times over the past year alone, I’m a big fan of “Once Upon a Time.” Last night, the show celebrated a great milestone for a TV show—its 100th episode. I can’t speak to the plot of the episode as if I didn’t write this ahead of time, it would never go up in time.

So what am I going to discuss instead? The past 99 episodes, of course! The reasons why we fell in love with the story. Or at least, why I fell in love with it.

Maybe I’ll convert a few people.

(Warning for spoilers!)


September 21, 2015

Time For a New TV Season

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It’s September. You know what that means! It’s time for our TV shows to start up again!

rise and shine

You gotta love that gif.


June 8, 2015

Complicated Women

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There’s a post that circulates around tumblr. Everyone does a version of it, myself included. It’s about writing women as real people. Here’s mine.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about complicated women. Namely two, from TV. Yes, another TV post. You can learn a lot from it.

First, we’re going back to Once Upon a Time. When I started to watch it, Emma and Ruby were my favorite characters. But then something happened during the second season. Regina started to grow on me. By season three, she was becoming my favorite character.

By season four, I was a full blown Evil Regal.


May 4, 2015

The Bed Switch

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I was going to do an entry on Star Wars because today’s May the Fourth (get it?). But I decided to change it after last week’s Once Upon a Time episode.

Background info: The show revolves around fairy tale and legendary characters cursed to live in our world. Robin Hood was introduced in Season 2 and brought back as a recurring character in Season 3—as a widower. During that season, he became the love interest to the reforming Evil Queen, Regina. In the season finale, his wife Marian was rescued from death due to some time traveling.


May 20, 2013

Murder, She Wrote

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A few weekends ago, my mom and I went to a baby shower. That’s not really the story. The story is when we returned. My father was relaxing in the living room after a day of yard work, watching TV. He was watching the Hallmark Movie Channel, which we had stopped getting over a year ago. It was back but we were cautious. Sometimes Verizon FiOS gives us channels for a weekend in a bid to get us to add them to our plan. 

But it was not just a weekend promotion. Verizon gave us back the Hallmark Movie Channel. Which means one very important thing:



February 18, 2013

What TV Can Teach Writers

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Oh, yes. TV can teach us many things. It may be a surprise because usually when something goes well on a show, the actors are praised rather than the writers. Not that the actors don’t deserve it—sometimes they can save or sink a project. But remember a few years ago, when Katherine Heigl decided not to submit a reel for Emmy consideration, saying she felt her work that season was not award worthy? And remember the surrounding firestorm where everyone thought she had just insulted the writers?


September 3, 2012

So Busy!

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Well, it’s happened. I’ve written several times that I write my blog posts in advance in case I was ever employed. And I have been since the beginning of July. I won’t say where, but I’m working in a legal recruiting department. In the city. So I have the commute to deal with. That’s generally an hour and a half. If traffic likes me. Sometimes, it doesn’t. So I’m generally out of my house anywhere from twelve to fourteen hours. It only leaves a few hours to edit. After all, I still need to sleep and I feel I’m already sacrificing at least an hour for editing. Not to mention my TV watching habits. General Hospital, America’s Next Top Model, Doctor Who, etc.

(Shameless plug time! I recap ANTM and Doctor Who—along with other shows—on my blog. I do a humorous recap of General Hospital—General Hospital in a Nutshell—on my tumblr).

But I have neglected blog posts for this site. So if I end up skipping a week, this is to explain why.

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