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April 24, 2017

April Showers

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She laid on her couch, wrapped up in a soft blanket as she watched the rain hit the bay window in her living room. The pitter-patter of the drops against the glass was the soundtrack for her afternoon and she sighed, content.

The door opened and closed, sending a cool breeze through the house. She raised her head as she heard someone kick off their shoes, muttering under their breath. “I feel like a drowned rat,” her husband called out.

“All you need is some dry clothes,” she replied, not bothering to look up. She remained focused on the window.

He walked into the room and kissed her forehead. It sent a shiver through her body as his icy skin brushed against hers. “You need something warm,” she said.



January 19, 2015

Thinking Warm Thoughts

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It’s not as cold as it got last year but damn did it get close. I’ve been layering up whenever I leave the house. A vest, a fleece-lined jacket, scarf, headband, and gloves have been keeping me warm. We havent’ seen the same snow fall we saw last year but we’ve always gotten a bit more than the dusting the weathermen say we’ll get.

Here’s the thing: I love the cold. I flourish in it rather than the heat. But it’s once again too cold for me. I do better above the freezing mark. Like, low 40s, high 30s. Cold, but not too cold. I guess the word I would use is brisk. I like brisk weather.


June 24, 2013

By the Shore

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Last time in Kate and Matt’s Crazy Journeys: The two enjoyed the spring-like weather in their strange new world. But a stop to smell the flowers ends up with Kate separated from Matt. Read on…

The tunnel was endless. Kate felt she had been trudging for hours. Time though was odd in this world. Everything in this world was odd.

As she walked, her thoughts drifted away from there. Back to the real world. How long had she been gone? Did anyone notice? Was she missed?


December 25, 2012

A Christmas Snow Fall

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Merry Christmas! Or whatever winter holiday you celebrate!

It was another late night. I knew this when I took the job, but it didn’t mean I wasn’t tired. All I wanted was a day where I left at a normal time. Returned home at a normal time. Ate dinner at a normal time. Watched my shows at their scheduled time. Not save them until a weekend marathon.

Stepping out onto the almost empty street, I looked up. The sky was dark and the lights from the city blocked out the stars. I wished I could see them; they might be comforting. A reminder of the home I missed so much. Stars filled the night sky like diamonds there.


October 29, 2012

The Haunted House: A Short Story

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Happy Halloween!

Every town has THAT house. Old. Decrepit. Creepy. It sits amongst trees that are dead, standing over a yard overgrown with weeds. Shutters swing in the breeze, hanging on by rusted hinges. The paint has chipped away. More shingles lie amongst the weeds than on the roof. At least one window is broken. Dark clouds always seem to hover over the house, situated on a dead end street.

And then there are the stories. A man went mad and murdered his whole family in the house. There’s an old woman who died there and she didn’t want anyone else to live there. One night, the house suffered a fire and a baby died in it. On and on, with a tragic death at the center.


July 9, 2012

Summer Storm

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It’s Summer! You know what that means—pool parties, barbecues, eating outside, and warm nights. But it also means heat and humidity. Those two things create storms. And I do like storms. Here’s a short about them.

A summer storm



December 1, 2011

Tis the Season to Be Inspired…

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What is it about the Christmas season? Or more accurately, the holiday season? And it’s not like I’m trying to be politically correct there. I mean that time that starts sometime around when the first pumpkins start to appear to when the ball drops on the New Year. But there is definitely a focus on December. It is clear why advertisers focus on it—this is the most important time of the year for their profits. Yet everything gets a jumpstart in December. Movies. Music. Art. Stories.


July 15, 2011

Baby, Dream Your Dreams…

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See? I told you I use Broadway lyrics a lot.

Internet brownie points to whoever knows the musical I took that from.

Anyway, this is Part II about inspiration and where I get it. I’ll give you three guesses. The first two don’t count. Yes, I get inspiration from my dreams. I know that isn’t incredibly original. Other authors have admitted to getting ideas from dreams. Writing as an art form though is a few millennia old, so it’s a bit difficult to be completely original.

Do I remember all my dreams? No. But the ones I do remember are doozies. I notice they come in cycles. There are periods where my dreams are forgettable. Then there are periods where they are vivid and linger after I wake up. Some are trying to tell me something, I’m sure. I love going to this website, Dream Dictionary, to try and figure out the meaning. (For example, I recently had a dream where I was pregnant. Since I am not pregnant in real life, the dictionary says that’s a sign that there are creative ideas I am thinking of.) I even put some of my beliefs about dreams into my novel.

And some of them grab me and say, “Write me!” And sometimes, I obey. And I’ve done so with two of my short stories. The first one has a “Stepford Wives” influence. And actually, it was inspired by a nightmare. I actually had to wake myself up from it. Ever have those dreams where you know you’re dreaming, so you change things? Or, if you’re me, know it’s a dream and still not be able to change things? But I found it an interesting study to pursue: People who are dropped into a utopia but want to get out because if feels wrong.

Another dream probably would’ve made a good action film. I’m giving it a Wonderland feel. A modern Wonderland feel with a sinister twist. I’m not entirely sure how the action sequences will go. They are honestly the toughest thing to write. But that’s another post.

So, what’s the moral of this post? You’re looking for a moral? Oh. I guess it is pay attention to your dreams. You never know what they could be telling you.

Or what stories they may give you.

July 7, 2011

Of Short Stories and Inspiration

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I realize that while I write my novel, I should try to get other things published. It will help build my portfolio. And that will help when I start looking for an agent when my book is complete.

I’ve sent one story out to several publications. I’ve sadly received a few rejections, but I am still waiting for responses from a majority of them. Fingers crossed!

The story I’ve sent out is one I wrote in college entitled “Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered.” Yes, I do get many of my titles from song lyrics. I am quite proud of this work, which is why it’s the one I started to submit. I edited it, naturally. The draft I submitted to my class was not perfect. The version I submitted to the magazines wasn’t either. I doubt there is such a thing as the perfect manuscript. I’m sure if they could come back, the authors of some of our “classics” would probably want to do some rewrites. So I expanded on a few things, clarified a few other ideas and then sent it out.

In another blog I follow, the writer posed the question What calls your muse? And it’s interesting to realize where one gets inspiration from. Just in the previous paragraph, I admitted I get titles from song lyrics. The inspiration for “Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered” did not come from the song, though. It started with my two main characters. And it wasn’t going anywhere, really. Then inspiration hit in two ways. The first way was a writing exercise my writing professor assigned. The piece I wrote ended up in my final draft. The second way was the season I was writing in. My story was due in class by the end of October. Guess what’s also at the end of October?

In truth, I love the autumn. I’ve also decided that when I find Mr. Right, I am having an October wedding. I also get more inspiration in the autumn. I’m not sure why. Perhaps it’s the cooling temperatures. Maybe it’s the changing leaves. Maybe it’s the feeling surrounding Halloween and Thanksgiving. Maybe it’s the hastening of the days, bringing the end of the year ever closer. Whatever it is, it’s great inspiration.

And I think I will end this part here. Look for Part II, coming soon!

April 7, 2011

Taking the First Steps

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In my last post, Milestone: Page 50, I put in a shameless plug. I do that a bit actually. But that shameless plug is part of my dream. The whole idea behind this blog is that I am going to get published. Consider it part of that Oprah philosophy—if I put it out to the universe, it will happen. And I know that it won’t happen at once. I’d like it to, I really would. Of course, I’m only on page 55 now (with another chapter in a notebook), so I highly doubt any publisher would be ready to do business with me just yet. Do I still fantasize about it? Hell, yes!

But my fantasies could fill a whole other blog post. I will be published. But I need to take the first steps to do so. And I’ve taken a few of them. I’m in the middle of writing my novel. I’ve also written a few short stories I wish to have published. I’ve started to submit one to magazines and other publication options. Time to build up that writing resume! I must admit it was a bit weird to write a little bios where my own other publication credit is an anthology of student poems that over ten years old. But I’m still tweaking my bio, so we’ll see what happens.

In fact, here’s what I have so far as a bio: “Alexandria Brim is a writer living in New York City. As a young girl, she loved to read; so much so that when she graduated from elementary school, she won the reading award. The principal announced the award, saying she had read more books than anyone in the room. It was only natural for Alexandria to segue into writing stories for others to read. She was published in an anthology of student poetry but prefers prose. She is currently writing her first novel.”

Thoughts? Ideas? I’m open to suggestions.

So please cross your fingers and/or pray for me.

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