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May 20, 2019

The Christmas Wish Update

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I didn’t get a chance to post last week. The week before hand was a little crazy and then I went to Virginia for my sister’s graduation. Our flight home was delayed so I got home almost five hours later than I should’ve, meaning I lost the time I had hoped to use for writing.

But I did get some work done on The Christmas Wish while waiting in the airport, so there’s that!

So, let me update to you on my progress on The Christmas Wish…

I can see the finish line! So much so, that I’ve set myself a deadline of July 1st, one I believe I can meet!

Right now, I’m working on Chapter 13—which was Chapter 10 when I published it as a fanfiction. I’ve divvied up a couple chapters, so that’s why the numbering has changed. But nonetheless, this just leaves the Epilogue!

Can you tell how excited I am about this? I know it’s difficult to tell in the written word, so here’s a gif:


I’m so thrilled to be thisclose to finishing it. There’s still a lot more work to be done but a Christmas release is looking more and more like a reality rather than a dream. It’s an amazing feeling.

If you want to support all the upcoming work I have to do to ready The Christmas Wish for you, you can do so by making a pledge to my Patreon account! Any amount will help to make this book a reality.


January 21, 2019

“The Christmas Wish” Update

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So one of my goals for 2019 is to self-publish this book by Christmas. Let’s see how I’m doing.

I am close to finishing Chapter 9. It’s the first part of what had been Chapter Seven when it was a fanfic, where Adelaide and Theo are starting to fall in love and celebrate their marriage with the rest of the town. Once I’m done, I’ll turn the second part into Chapter 10, which will focus on their first date and contains a lot of Theo’s backstory.

From there, we have an incident that sets Adelaide and Theo back before approaching the climax. The end is nearing and I expect this draft to be done within the next couple months, hopefully by spring.

Then what? Well, I’ll let you know as I get closer. However, I imagine it will be getting some feedback on the new draft.

I know there isn’t a lot to this update. I guess I don’t want to share too much even though it’s been around as a fanfic for two years now. Maybe I’ll have more as I get closer to finishing it.

As a reminder, you can get access to sneak peeks of “The Christmas Wish” as well as deleted material by supporting me on Patreon. Please consider doing so.

Have a good week everyone!

December 24, 2018

The Christmas Wish Chapter 4: Christmas Eve

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The sneak peeks of my fanfic-turned-novel, The Christmas Wish, return as Adelaide, Theo and the people of Stony Castle start to celebrate Christmas.

Adelaide held Hugh’s hand as they entered the warm and brightly lit diner, Hugh bouncing by her side. Minnie had decorated more since they had been there that morning, pushing the tables aside to create more room in the middle of the diner so people could stand around. A Christmas tree now stood next to the jukebox and Christmas lights hung around the diner. Fake snow covered the windows and paper candy canes, snowmen, Santas and reindeer were taped up on the walls. Christmas music wafted over the buzz of the conversations and Adelaide paused, taking a deep breath to bask in the holiday spirit filling the place.

People greeted her and her son as she headed toward the back. She recognized most from her job at Town Hall, usually because they were lodging complaints for some reason or another. Tonight, though, she only heard good wishes for her holiday and New Year as everyone put aside business for this one day. Adelaide returned every greeting she got with a warm smile and Hugh waved to everyone like he was the mayor parading down Main Street.

“Adelaide! Hugh! Over here!” Maisie waved from the table she had taken for her family, rocking her baby son Daniel in one arm. She wore a festive red sweater with snowmen embroidered on it and had paired it with a nice black skirt as well as black snow boots. A red headband sat in her brown hair with silk holly and red beads mimicking berries attached to it. Daniel wore a Santa Claus onesie and together with his mother, looked like something out of a Christmas catalogue.


April 23, 2012

When You Have to Start Over

You want to slam your head against a wall. Repeatedly.

Happened to me recently. I was working away on “The Conference House” and had my opening all written. I was progressing through my first part and picked up a book to help my research (That Ever Loyal Island by Phillip Papas, highly recommended for anyone else interested in Loyalists during the Revolution or Staten Island history). And I that’s when I realized I had to change my opening.


August 15, 2011


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It’s a controversial subject. Always.

I am a practicing Catholic. I do not hide it. Therefore, it is hard to keep my religion from my stories. And it is a bit sad that I feel the need. And not every author has. I’ve read works by C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien. They have used their religion. And successfully.

For “Through the Mists,” I’ve adjusted religion. The story takes place in an alternate history. I didn’t feel it was appropriate to introduce Christianity there. Yet since it parallels a medieval period, religion would be important. So I adapted some beliefs of Christianity for the beliefs of two of my countries. However I also made the religions somewhat nature-based. There is an important geographical feature in my story and it serves as the base for their religions. In my heroine’s country, they believe entities similar to guardian angels reside atop this mountain—as an example.

I took another approach for “The Wedding Game.” This one is set in medieval Europe, mostly on the British isles. Because of that, Christianity is an important part of my story. A major character is a priest. Prayers and Christian concepts are incorporated.

I’ll probably have more to say later as “The Wedding Game” progresses.

What do you think? Can a book incorporate religion and not have to be labeled as spiritual? And can an author do it well?

August 8, 2011

A Wealth of Ideas

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It seems odd to complain that I have way too many ideas. I know there are writers out there who would love to have this problem. I know I have had some times where I wish I had this problem again.

I am still working on my novel. However, I got another idea a week or so ago. It didn’t just come to me, though.

I suffer from insomnia. Always have, but I’ve probably mentioned that already. So, I’ve come up with little tricks to try and put myself to sleep. I can’t read as that just wakes me up more—it’s always just one page more or one chapter more. I do listen to music, usually Broadway shows. I also come up with little stories in my head to help me fall asleep. Nothing much, they didn’t have to make much sense nor did the characters have to be fleshed out. They were just little stories to send me to Slumberland. However, some of them tend to repeat.

And those are the ones I pay attention to. The basic plot usually remains the same, but certain aspects change. Character names, relationships, personalities—all have changed over time. But as I said, I never really thought these out. But there was one I did. So much so, I rolled over and found a partially used notebook. And I started to write it.

Unlike my other novel, I actually had a title. I will reveal it’s called “The Wedding Game.” Don’t judge a story by it’s title though. It sounds like a chick lit story you’d see with the bright colors and titles written in a script font. This isn’t it. It’s another historical fiction-esque story. This one I’m not going to type up just yet.

I guess I’m now in a race. Which will be completed first? “Through the Mists”? Or “The Wedding Game”?

I guess only time will tell.

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