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October 23, 2018


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I’m sorry there was no new entry yesterday. If you follow me on Patreon (which is doubtful judging by all on the zeroes I see on my page), you already know why. My laptop refused to turn on this past weekend. I took it to work and it got diagnosed as being an issue with the AC adaptor. I got it to turn on and work but I definitely need a new AC adaptor before it conks out completely.

Hopefully I can get back on track, so stay tuned! And thanks for your patience!


July 16, 2014


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I’m going on a short hiatus.

This was not planned but partially my fault. My laptop has been telling me for months that my hard drive was about to fail.

It finally did so last week, which I learned after running a diagnostic on my laptop after it refused to boot up. I’ve ordered a new hard drive and am expecting it any day now. And then I’ll get it installed. But it’ll be some time before I have an entry ready, I predict.

So I’m taking the rest of July off.

Hopefully, I’ll see you on August 4th!

Except Windows never started...

Except Windows never started…

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