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October 9, 2017

Help! I’ve Been Bitten by the Holiday Bug!

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I know, I know. It’s October. I should be focused on Halloween. Trust me, in many ways, I am. I’m participating in Spooky OQ, where I’m posting Halloween-inspired Outlaw Queen ficlets for the first thirteen days of October (since this month has a Friday the 13th). And I’m writing a Halloween story.

So why have I been bitten by the holiday bug?


I created my Holidays 2017 folder on my work computer back on September 9th. Mostly this is because I have to do a lot of ordering by Halloween in order to ensure I get everything I need for our holiday celebrations by December. This include awards for years of service for employees as well as gifts for our board members. So choices have to be made…pretty much now.

Right now, I’m waiting for confirmation from our branches about the years of service awards. That should be coming in soon so I can get lists and templates together to send to the place where we get our awards from.

A couple weeks ago, I went through Land’s End to find some ideas for board gifts as well as looked at some baskets like the one we sent them last year. If we go with the baskets, we’ve got time. If we got with Land’s End…the order needs to be in by Halloween, so my senior leadership needs to agree on something soon.

Then my manager called our senior executive assistant in and started to discuss holiday plans with us. We’re planning as if we might be able to throw a holiday party for the staff (depending on the budget) and then also planning our office outing. Right now, we’re leaning toward doing the same thing we did last year—bowling party. We all had a lot of fun, spending about three hours bowling and eating really good food. There was access to the bar but I chose not to have a drink as I didn’t think I enough time would pass before I had to drive home, even if all I had was one drink.

Still, I had a lot of fun without alcohol. And I’m sure we’ll have a lot of fun again this year.

How is the holiday bug then affecting me? Well…

I’ve already started playing my holiday playlist on my iPod. Not all the time, but I’ve listened to a few songs here or there.

And of course, it’s affecting me when it comes to writing—though I think this might be more positive than “I can’t believe I’m focused on Christmas before Halloween.”

(See? I brought this blog back around to my writing at last).

NaNoWriMo is approaching in less than a month. Once again, I’ve decided to use it to write my Christmas fanfic for 2017. So I got an idea for it, which is half the battle. And I started writing my gift for the OQ Advent Calendar. Hopefully that won’t change several times like last year’s did. I really pushed against the deadline then.

So, yes, there has been an upside. I just hope I’m not sick of Christmas songs by December 1st like I was last year. That…wasn’t very good.


July 4, 2017

Happy 4th of July!

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No matter what you think of our nation’s current affairs, I think we can all agree that today is a day to celebrate America. Just 24 hours of pure patriotism…a chance to just be Americans.

So Happy Independence Day to all my fellow Americans!

Personally, I love the Revolutionary era. I can’t get enough of it—and that includes going down to Colonial Williamsburg. I loved the John Adams miniseries and, of course, Liberty’s Kids. And I can quote 1776 like nobody’s business.

So, yes, I will be watching that today. I’m not sure what you’ll be watching to celebrate but I hope you enjoy your day!

Remember to be careful today. Wear plenty of sunscreen if you’re outside, stay hydrated, practice water safety, practice firework safety (if they are legal where you live. If they aren’t, please don’t shoot them off), and drink responsibility.

Now, I’m off to my pool and our 4th of July party!

March 21, 2016


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I love Easter.

I guess because it means spring. No, wait, it’s definitely because it means it’s spring. I hate a cold Easter, after all. Easter is supposed to be warm. Sunny and with the flowers beginning to bloom. Leaves appearing on the trees. Just everything that says winter is over.

And I love all the traditions that surround Easter as a Catholic. From Palm Sunday to Easter itself, it’s a great run. The Paschal Triduum are three busy days—Holy Thursday, Good Friday and the Easter Vigil.


December 14, 2015

Isn’t it the Holiday Season?

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No, this isn’t about the weather. Even though it seems more appropriate for Easter than Christmas. Is a White Christmas too much too ask for?

Since I started working, I realized how the feel of the holiday season differs from how it felt when I was in school. There’s still a festive atmosphere, but school was still school. Throughout elementary and high school, classes continued right up until that last day, which was a party. College it was somewhat of a party but everyone was just too focused on finals and packing for winter break to really celebrate. (Or at least the people I hung out were).


November 19, 2014

Countdown to the Holidays

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It happens every year at the stroke of midnight, when October 31st becomes November 1st. When kids have been knocked out after their sugar high and their parents sneak some their candy. When costumed adults are still drinking and reveling.

It’s the moment when Halloween ends and Christmas begins. Where Christmas songs begin immediately on the radio and Christmas movies abound on the TV. Commercials start popping up with snow, bells and decorations.

Christmas is everywhere. There’s no escaping it. Give in to the holly and the jolly.


December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

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It’s December the 25th! Now, I’ve written this a few days ago and scheduled it to post now. So, depending when you’re reading this, I am:

A) Doing last minute wrapping.

B) Sleeping

C) Opening presents

D) Eating breakfast/Watching the Disney Christmas Parade

E) At my grandmother’s/eating dinner

F) Watching the Doctor Who Christmas Special

So, Merry Christmas! I hope the day was filled with presents, food and merrymaking.


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