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July 14, 2017

I Dream of Paris…

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I knew that when I got to high school, I wanted to study French. And I did, even though Spanish probably would’ve been more useful. I was one of eleven girls in my high school class who learned the language and we all got really close because our class was so small. We also learned about French culture and history, enjoying our lessons. Our one dream was to go to Disneyland Paris as a class.

However, we went to Catholic school so there definitely was no budget to send us to Paris. We had enough to go to Quebec in Canada, which was gorgeous and still gave us a chance to practice our French. And in college, I went abroad to England and don’t regret it.

There was a plan for a family vacation to France when I graduated college. We would visit Paris and my father wanted to go to Normandy, since his father landed at Utah Beach on D-Day. He also spent a month stationed at Marseilles. My grandfather didn’t speak much of his time in the war so I guess my father wanted to feel closer to that part of him. However, I graduated in 2008 just as the recession kicked in, so that trip got scrubbed. We went to Boston instead.

Yet, I still want to go to Paris. I would love to stroll down the streets of the City of Lights, take in the sights, take in the history and just be there. It would be a dream come true.



August 19, 2013


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No, I’m not pregnant. I believe in waiting for marriage and I’m still waiting for Mr. Right. But there seems to have been a baby boom lately.

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November 26, 2012

Future Projects

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I am still lost in editing “The Wedding Game.” (Now on Chapter 2! Woo-hoo!) But that doesn’t mean I’m not writing. Well, writing things that aren’t revisions. Or fan fictions.

So, what am I doing? Well, trying to convince my parents it takes a while to write and then edit a book. Last week, we were eating and they asked how I was doing with my book. I told them I was finished but was editing. My dad asked how long that I had been doing that. I replied two months. He gave me a look like “Isn’t that a long time?” No, no it’s not.


November 25, 2011

Series—Pros and Cons

Harry Potter.


Babysitter’s Club.

Nancy Drew.


Into the Wilderness.


September 4, 2011


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I’m generally a realist. I know the chances of becoming a Big Deal Author are slim. However, I still like to dream.

So, what do I dream about? Oh, this and that.

1. Interviews. I find this one funny. I am not one who likes to go on TV. I hate how my voice sounds on TV. I also can’t stand to watch myself. But I want to give interviews. I imagine my borough’s newspaper would be the first. And since I live in NYC, I could probably get on a few other major newscasts as well. I would love to visit “Today” and “Good Morning America.” Though I know I won’t be published before Regis leaves “Live with Regis and Kelly,” I’ll still want to sit on that stool next to Kelly Ripa and whoever replaces Regis. I may even go on the View, though I don’t usually watch that show. And of course, a visit to David Letterman. Maybe I could even read the Top Ten list!

From the East Coast to the West Coast. I love Ellen Degeneres and would love to be interviewed by her. I don’t think I would attempt to dance on national television though. I also would love to visit Chelsea Handler’s show. She is hilarious. While I’m at E!, maybe I can also go visit Joel McHale on The Soup. I’d also love to visit Craig Ferguson’s show as well.

Besides the honor of getting interviewed by these guys, I would love just to hang out in the green room. Imagine the people you could meet there! Musicians, celebrities, “celebrities,” politicians, other authors, etc.

2. Trips. In my fantasies, my books sell beyond my family and friends. They sell beyond my hometown and my city. They sell beyond the United States! Hey, my yearbook quote was “Be reasonable. Ask for the impossible.” And the title of this post is “Fantasies.”

Where would I like to go? My fantasy is a six city European tour: It would start in Rome, Italy. Get to take in the sights and hopeful tour the Vatican. Next would be a stop in Berlin, Germany. After some time in Deutschland, I would brush up my French and head to Paris! I would spend some personal days in Paris, visiting sights. I would also visit Normandy, where my grandfather stormed Utah Beach on D-Day. After I would hop over to Madrid and spend some time in Espagna. After Spain, I would go to London. And like Paris, I would spend a day or two focused on personal time. Theater, sight-seeing, shopping (I caught hell for not going to Harrods the one time I was in London) and other things. The last stop? Dublin, Ireland.

Why is Dublin last? Well, because I would then turn it into a family vacation! I am of Irish descent on my mother’s side and we would love to spend time on the Emerald Isle. I figured it would be a good springboard. I would love to visit the County Meath and the County Cork. I would also like to go kiss the Blarney Stone as well. In County Meath, I’d visit Tara as well. I also want to visit Galway Bay. Pub visits would also be on the list, though I am not much of a beer drinker. Blasphemy, I know. I also wish to go on a haunted tour, much like I’ve done in Salem and Williamsburg.

I’d love to go places within the United States as well. A country-wide tour! I’d start in Maine and hit the major cities, including Juneau and Honolulu. And maybe like Dublin, I’d turn Honolulu into a mini vacation as well. Though I think I’d go back to Maui rather than stay in Honolulu. Maui is closer to what you imagine Hawaii looks like. And definitely more relaxing.

3. If you saw me in real life, you would say I was a jeans and t-shirt girl. And I am. But I am still a girly-girl at heart. I love to dress up. I still buy a Christmas dress and an Easter dress. And I am looking forward to having a whole new reason to buy dresses. Parties! I’m sure there might be a few to attend. Publisher events, fundraisers, etc.

4. Keynote Speaker. This has been a goal since I graduated high school. I sat on our school patio, trying to listen to our keynote speaker. There were some technical problems and the mike we ended up using wasn’t the best. So I just started day dreaming. And I promised I would be that person speaking one day. My high school always ask alumnae back, so that’ll be easy. I just hope they remember to put my papers on the podium this time!

5. Buying a dream house. We all have one. There are several beautiful colonials by my church. I would love to own one. I’d even put a pineapple decoration outside. That’s the American History geek in me. What does a pineapple mean, you may ask? It was a symbol of hospitality in colonial days. If you see any place else with it, now you know why! I would also put electric candles in the windows as well. They were also a sign of hospitality as well. It signaled to travelers that they could find a place to rest for the night.

5a. Buying a cabin in the Poconos. I am a city girl. But even I need to get out of the city every so often. And I love the Poconos. We had family friends who had a cabin up there. We would go up there every so often. They were restful days—walks in the woods, deer right at the window, cold nights roasting marshmallows over a fire, etc. I would love to have my own cabin to go to, just for a few weekends away.

5b. Buy a car. Any car, really. I just want a car. And to afford insurance. Right now, I’m driving my dad’s car. It’s a good car. I just have to share it. I’d probably get an SUV, like I’m used to driving.

6. Fans. I hope people love my work, aside from my Nana, my aunts, my parents, my sister and my friends. I hope they buy my books and talk about them. I hope they reach out and tell me why they liked it. I’d love to talk to my fans and be able to give advice.

Those are my fantasies. Do I expect them to come true? Not really. Am I writing to fulfill these fantasies? Absolutely not. I’m writing because I love to do so. And because I have all these stories in my head. Even if all I sell are copies to my family and friends, I’ll be happy just to see my words in print.

And if my dreams come true? That’s just icing on the cake.

By the way, does anyone have any suggestions for my Irish trip? Because I’m going one day, world-famous author or not.

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