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November 19, 2018

Mea Culpa

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I know I’ve disappeared for almost a month. Let me explain:

So remember this post? About my laptop problems? Well, that was just the start!

The issues with my laptop put me behind, especially as I entered another theme week—Spooky OQ, all dedicated to Halloween-inspired stories. I didn’t complete it and it’s the first button I’ve missed out on because I just didn’t have the time due to a convention.

The weekend before Halloween was the last Once Upon a Time convention in New Jersey. I stayed at the hotel for the weekend and spent time with my friends and the cast of the show. It was a busy weekend but a fun one, even if I didn’t get much writing done.

I left the convention late Sunday night and after working Monday, spent the evening packing again. Because on Tuesday, my family headed to Disney World. (More on that later). We stayed until November 4th and flew back home later that night.



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