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September 24, 2012

Reviews, Authors and Publicity

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It’s hard to be an author today. That’s why I go to grad school for something else because while I love to imagine making a good living off my writing, I know it’s not realistic. But that’s now what this post is about.

Last year, I began looking up literary agents even though I was only in the first few chapters of “The Wedding Game” and stuck on “Through the Mists.” Early, yes, but I now have an excel sheet of literary agents to query hopefully after this round of revisions on “The Wedding Game.” But while looking into literary agents, there were articles about what a potential may ask you and what you should ask the agent. One question an agent may ask regarded publicity and what you the author would do to promote your book.



January 9, 2012

The Amazon Kindle Fire

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Way back in 2008, my dad talked to me about my birthday present and my graduation present. He asked if it was okay if my parents gave me a combination gift. I had no objection. One of his coworkers had gotten a device my dad thought I would like—the Amazon Kindle. He explained it was an electronic book reader and I was intrigued. I did some research and decided that, yes, I would like this gift.

I loved my Kindle. While I would still have to buy an actual book here or there, I liked having my books on my Kindle. I didn’t have to worry about losing a bookmark—Kindle kept my spot for me! I could download a book while running for a plane (I actually did so once). I got the New York Times every day. I had internet capabilities as well. I operated off the same radio signals as cell phones. So I always had access, except on planes. But the Kindle is an approved device (with the radio turned off), so I could still read while flying.


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