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October 14, 2018


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I apologize–the next part of my short story series was not supposed to post on Saturday. I guess I got the dates wrong when setting it up, thinking I set it up for Sunday instead.

I want to format it and add a picture to it. Hopefully I can get it up for tomorrow (Monday) instead.

Once again, I apologize. If you want to read it, you can check out my Patreon.


October 2, 2018

“The Full Moon” (October Prologue)

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waxing moon

A crisp breeze blew through the trees, rattling the leaves that had yet to fall to the ground. Their rustling sound filled the quiet night, startling an owl who hooted into the inky blackness surrounding the area. It was the only living soul in the area.

A figured cloaked in shadows appeared on the gravel road, walking down it. Though the figure wore boots, there was no crunching of gravel or the sound of footfalls. It was as if the figure glided forward, making its way through the forest as shadows reached out tendrils to it, trying to ensnare it.

The figure stopped by a crystal clear lake in the middle of the woods. Clouds floating overhead parted to reveal the white waxing moon, its light reflected in the water. The figure smiled as it took in the sight. Soon all would be ready.

It was time.


Thanks for reading! Remember, for early access to the remaining parts, please support me on Patreon.

September 30, 2018

A Prelude to October

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Today is the last day of September. It always amazes me how fast the year flies by. Before we know it, it’ll be 2019. But first, let’s enjoy the holidays—and yes, I include Halloween in there.

I’m gearing up for another theme week in the OQ fandom, this one surrounding Halloween called SpookyOQ. I’m writing one long story that’s seven chapters long, each chapter working in the day’s prompt into it. The premise is that Robin is hired as Regina’s bodyguard after her ex-husband Leopold puts a hit on her. However, they quickly learn that the hit is a magical one, plunging them into an unknown underworld as they find a way to stop the hit before Regina suffers a fate worse than death.

So it should be a lot of fun and I’m going to working hard on it as three of the days occur during OUATNJ, so I don’t know how much time I will have to write then. I want most of it done ahead of time in that case.


My most popular post ever on this blog has been my short story about the haunted house. I want to write a series of short stories surrounding around Halloween. Stretch out my creativity a bit. So keep an eye on this blog!

If you want advance access to the stories, support me on Patreon!

September 26, 2018

Finding Inspiration

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This is going to be a short post. I was focused on getting my Paris posts out the week before last and I did mean this for last week but it never posted. And then I got distracted by the latest theme week and forgot all about it.

So you’re getting a slightly altered version now!

I just finished “Inspired by OQ” Week. The best way to describe the week is how it was first presented to us: “Fic the Art, Art the Fic.” Basically, writers picked an existing piece of Outlaw Queen fanart/manip/fanvid and based a story about it while artists picked a story and made some art for it. People also made moodboards, aesthetics or playlists inspired by fanfics as well. Everyone was really energized during this week and it reminded us just how amazing our fandom truly is.


September 15, 2018

Paris: Wednesday and Thursday or All Good Things Must Come to an End

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Grace and I said our goodbyes Wednesday morning. She left to head to the British Embassy and I got a little bit more sleep before I headed into Paris myself. It was my last day before heading home and I had it all planned out.

I started off by going to the Arc de Triomphe. I walked up to it, admiring it, before following the pedestrian crossings through the roundabout that encircles it to get to the entrance. My Paris Pass let me use a separate entrance where I did have to pass through a metal detector. I then started to climb a narrow, metal circular staircase and I worried I had just signed up for a Bunker Hill mistake.

(For reference: My family went to Boston ten years ago and we did a bus tour, including a stop at Bunker Hill. It has a monument and you can go up to the top—but there are nearly 300 steps to do so. My family managed to do it, though I then had to crawl down the middle when curiosity got to me and I looked down a giant hole. There was nothing there but it triggered my fear of heights. Anyway, we all made it back down and our legs felt like jelly until we got back to New York a few days later).

Thankfully, it was not a Bunker Hill mistake as I only had a few minutes of climbing before I got to the big space dedicated to the arch’s history. It included some statues as well as video of the Allies marching through the arch after taking back Paris. There were then more stairs to the roof and I decided to go up there. It offered some great views of Paris but I never strayed from the middle of the roof as my fear of heights yelled at me to GET OFF THE ROOF!


(Pictured: The Arc de Triomphe)


September 14, 2018

Paris: Tuesday or Musees Ahoy!

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For those not  familiar with French—“musee” is the word for “museum.”

I actually slept late on Tuesday. Originally, I had planned on doing that on Monday but when my friends offered to let me into Paris with them, I knew I couldn’t pass it up. But I really needed to sleep in. The con had called for early mornings and Monday was even earlier. So I needed the rest.

Grace decided to stay behind to work on her situation, so I headed into Paris by myself. I went straight to the Musee de Rodin, dedicated to sculptor Auguste Rodin. You know—The Thinker:


(Pictured: The Thinker)


September 13, 2018

Paris: Monday or My First Day in the City

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I must say, nothing seemed sadder than the hotel on Monday morning. The crowds of people that had been a constant presence were gone as most people had left or were leaving. It made me miss everyone but I was eager to head into Paris to finally see the city.

I had met one of my Twitter followers the day before at the con and she had invited me to come into the city with her and her friend. I accepted, grateful for the offer as I had been nervous about going into the city by myself. But I had them with me as I learned how to navigate the train system as well as how to get around the city. And it was nice to have the company.

They came with me as I went to pick up my Paris Pass, which I had to do right in the middle of the district bordered by the Louvre on one end and the Opera Garnier on the other. When I emerged from the Metro, I stopped to admire the buildings around me—gorgeous ones that I had only seen in pictures of Paris before. Now I was seeing them with my own eyes, drinking in the ornate architecture of the city.


September 12, 2018

Paris: Sunday or Con Day #2

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Sunday started around the same time as Saturday. We all gathered in the panel room and the guests came in to greet us. This time they were joined by Robert Carlyle (Rumpelstiltskin/Mr. Gold/ Weaver) and Emilie De Ravin (Belle). They stayed behind for a joint panel in which Robert shaded the writers and the show quite a bit.


(Pictured: Robert Carlyle on the left and Emilie de Ravin on the right)

After the panel, I had my meet and greet with Sean Maguire. There was about twenty of us who headed up to a private room where we sat in a circle. Someone from the con made sure we turned our phones off so we didn’t take pictures or secretly record the meeting and greet. These are private sessions where the actors can be more candid than they would be at panels, which are generally filmed and put on the internet. So I won’t get into specifics about what Sean said but it was essentially a master class in writing.


September 11, 2018

Paris: Friday and Saturday (Con Day #1)

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Well, maybe I should back up and talk about the flight. But it was relatively uneventful. I watched Black Panther, ate, tried and failed to get any sleep, ate breakfast and then landed in Paris. I had to wait about forty minutes to get up to the border police but I was quickly waved through after they checked my passport. I grabbed my luggage and went up to catch the shuttle to my hotel.

I stayed at the Hilton in the airport but unfortunately, I couldn’t check in yet—check in wasn’t until 2 PM and I got there around 9:30 AM. So I got to kill a lot of time in their lobby, which was very lovely. I fooled around on my phone, did some writing on my laptop and when that started to die, in a notebook. And I was able to spot one fandom friend, Grace, when she walked in. We chatted for a bit before I went back to waiting.

At last, I could check into my room. Once I was all checked in, I went up to the 8th floor where my room was and dropped all my stuff off. It was a nice sized room with a comfortable bed and a good bathroom (that had both a bathtub and a shower stall). It would definitely do for my stay.


September 10, 2018

Paris: A Look Back

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Well, it’s finally done! I managed to recount my week-long trip to Paris. They will take up this entire week, so I hope you enjoy them. I’ve also included pictures I took as well. You might even get to see me at last!



(Sign in the Charles de Gaulle airport)

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