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October 16, 2017

So What Happened to My Stories?

A couple weeks ago, I posted about how my laptop Old Blue died. I wrote that I was waiting to see if the IT guy at work could salvage anything off the hard drive. The answer is in:


So, yes. Everything that hadn’t been on OneDrive is lost. And that ended up being a lot.

As I said, lesson learned. I’ve been looking into an external hard drive to be sure I have a backup though I’ve started saving a lot more to OneDrive. I’m not going to lose all of that hard work again.

How much work, you ask? Well…



February 1, 2017

Am I Turning into Planner?

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Probably not, but…

I do have a character development sheet saved on my computer. And a plot chart sheet. Have I used them?

Not yet.

Do I plan on using them?

I do.

What for?

I’m not sure.

There are a few projects I might apply it to. Most of them are past projects I want to tackle again for some rewrites. And one is another fanfiction turned original story (not the Big Project. I don’t think this would help that).

Let’s break them down:

Fairest of Them All: It’s been a while since I’ve talked about this, huh? For those who may not remember, here’s a rundown: I wrote it for my first NaNoWriMo. It’s a modern day fairy tale where my main character, Gwen, finds her life mirroring Snow White’s. Is it coincidence…or is she the reincarnation of the fairy tale princess?

I’ve been meaning to go back and re-edit this. Okay, more like rewrite. So I want to be sure I’m clear as I dive back in. Clear on the characters, clear on the plot progression…I’m still serious about this story.

The Wedding Game: Yes, I still have hope in this project as well. Though I believe earlier I mentioned that this was probably getting a full rewrite, so I’m definitely going to need the planning guides as I embark on this.

Whenever that is.

The Nanny: This is the fanfic project I was talking about. It’s one I’ve mentioned before in a few posts, especially after I received several reviews attacking my decision to include a rape scene. However, it’s more beloved and many have asked if I plan on publishing it. I will probably have to publish it in parts as it’s long. And unfinished. I feel the plot plan will help me break it up logically.

So maybe I’m turning into something of a planner.

Only time will tell.

January 25, 2016


I’m doing it.

I’m keeping one of my anticipations. Well, another one of them.

I’m putting a story up on Wattpad. It’s the one I started writing during this year’s NaNoWriMo, Long Live the Queen. It’s also undergoing some serious rewrites, but I think it’ll do well. Or at least I hope so.

If it does do well, I’ll put up a few more stories. Probably “The Conference House” and “The Wedding Game.” Maybe even “Fairest of Them All.” I’ll play it by ear.

So please look me up. I’m GraceMackenzieNess on there.

Thank you!

September 14, 2015


So, last week I talked about my vacation.

But something also happened on my vacation, writing-wise. I got an idea about my fairy tale reincarnation series. Funnily enough, I got while riding the Little Mermaid ride. You know, since it deals with a fairy tale princess. And my series is about reincarnated fairy tale princesses.

So what happened? Well, I decided it would make more sense if everything happened at the Royal Plaza—the hotel Gwen (Snow White) works in. Everyone either works or lives there, to give it a central location. I could even use the Royal Plaza in the series name somehow.

This means rewrites for “Fairest of Them All” and “Dreams of the Rose.” And I’m scrapping “The Best Medicine.” While I like the idea of doing one the more obscure princesses (in this case, the princess who never laughed), it was a bit difficult to write. And I’ve never been too thrilled with it. So she’s getting replaced.

(Sorry, Savannah. I promise I’ll tell your story. Just not right now).

I had planned on writing Kalliope’s story for NaNoWriMo this year but looks like that’s going to change. Instead, I’ll be working on Ellie’s story—she’s Savannah’s replacement. I’m sure you’ve all guessed who Ellie is supposed to be—Cinderella. There will probably be some tweaks (I’m already thinking a stepfather instead of a stepmother) but I’ll see. I have until November.

Which is coming up really fast.

That’s kinda scary.

May 11, 2015

Project Updates

Yes, I’m still working on “The Best Medicine.” It’s longer than 60k now and I think I could approach 70k. The problem? I don’t know how to end it! Not the fairy tale part—that’s easy. It’s the main part, the present-day part. I just don’t know how to bring Isaac and Savannah’s story to a decent end. Hopefully I figure it out soon.

I need to continue typing up “The Fairest of Them All.” And get more karma over at Scribophile in order to post more chapters.

Now onto my big Untitled project. The one I’m thinking of publishing on tumblr? Yeah, let’s have an update on that.

So…it’s going. And I think it’s going well. I mean, it’s just a rough draft. I’m just trying to get the story out. Then I’ll go back and clean it up. Make it tighter, make the story flow a bit better. Make each chapter their own little short story but still flow as one big story.

I’m aiming to start posting next year. But we’ll see.

September 15, 2014

Love Interests

If you’ve read my book analyses, you know I love Sara Donati’s “Into the Wilderness” series. But you also know that I came to a realization in the last book I read, “Queen of Swords.” That Donati’s romances were generally all the same: strong, independent and outspoken woman falls for silent, strong and passionate man. Something blocks their relationship, they fight to be together, have lots of sex, lather, rinse, repeat. While I still enjoy the books, it did get a little boring.

This made me think about my own love interests. So far, between Brandon (“Fairest of Them All”) and Phillip (“Dreams of the Rose”), I feel I have created two different love interests with two different personalities.


September 8, 2014

Fairest of Them All Update

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It’s been a while, hasn’t it? But I haven’t forgotten about this project. Not with this year’s NaNoWriMo fast approaching. (Seriously, where’s this year going?) So I wanted to get editing before I dove into the next project. And I really wanted to start putting it on Scribophile.

So I looked over the first chapter again. And I did some rewrites. Upon rereading, I realized that the first hint of the past life implies she’s already with the dwarves. But I then contradict that in later chapters. So I had to rework it.


February 24, 2014

Blurb: “Fairest of Them All”

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(I know I’ve been talking about “Dreams of a Rose” more than “Fairest of Them All.” But “Dreams of a Rose” has scenes that don’t really scream “Sleeping Beauty” yet. So I’m going to use a scene from the completed “Fairest of Them All” instead. I thought it would be a nice cap to Fairy Tale February).

I sat in a chair meant for someone half my size. Like the seven men gathered around me. None had come higher than my waist when I was standing. They were different ages from what I could tell. One was no older than eighteen, by my guess. His hair was blond and he had no beard, unlike the others. A gray cap was clutched in his hands as he watched me wit wide blue eyes, lurking by the windows. Another fellow stood by his side, one with dark hair and a dark beard. The yellow of his outfit caught my eyes.


February 3, 2014

Reimagining Fairy Tales

We are all fascinated by fairy tales. Okay, maybe that’s a bit of a sweeping overgeneralization. But there are still enough of us entranced by fairy tales. And with reimagining them.

Why? Well, let’s look at what fairy tales are. They are archetypal stories and their Aesops timeless. Okay, some are the same. Snow White and Cinderella both contain the message about being good and getting rewarded if you are patient enough. Red Riding Hood is about stranger danger. Goldilocks about not breaking and entering. (Okay, it’s probably more about finding what’s “just right” for you, but breaking and entering is pretty bad). Sleeping Beauty is a warning about excluding people from your fancy parties. They will curse your firstborn otherwise.


January 6, 2014

State of My Writing

It’s January. So you know what’s approaching—President Obama’s State of the Union Address, where he tells us how we as a nation are doing. In that vein, I thought I would take a moment to summarize how my writing projects are coming along. Hopefully, I’ll remember to make this an annual event!


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