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October 15, 2018

“The Summoning” (October Short Story #1)

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Luna gathered up all her shopping bags from the backseat of her car, kicking the door closed. She managed to press the lock button with her keys between her fingers as she hurried toward her front door, her arms starting to hurt. After some maneuvering, she got her house key into the lock and unlocked her door. It was a bit difficult to open the door with her hands full of grocery bags but she managed, almost stumbling into her dark and cool house.

She let the bags fall from her hands and land on the floor. As she wiggled her fingers to get the blood flowing into them again, she stepped outside to check her mailbox. Lifting the lid, she pulled out the envelopes inside before returning back to her house and closing the door behind her. It was time to relax at last.

Humming, she put away the frozen items she had bought but left the others for the moment. She padded through her house, up the stairs and into her bedroom. It was time to get out of her suit and change into comfy clothes for the night.

Her bedroom was decorated in deep purple colors—from the paint on her walls to the sheets covering her black four-poster bed. The other furniture, like her dresser and vanity, were also black and she had painted the doors of her closet to match them. A string of crystals hung by her window, catching the sun during the day and moonbeams by night. It was her sanctuary and she always felt rejuvenated just by stepping into the room.

Luna pulled on a grey long-sleeved shirt and black sweatpants before pulling her dark hair into a messy bun. As she stared at her reflection, it seemed to waver and she couldn’t make out any of her features. It was like the time she put on goggles to simulate what someone who needed glasses saw. She rubbed her own eyes, wondering what was going and when she lowered her hands, it looked fine.

Deciding she must’ve just had something in her eye, she tried to put it from her mind as she headed downstairs. As she descended the stairs, she felt a chill and the hairs on the back of her neck stood on end. She stopped, feeling as if someone was watching her. Her heart sped up as did her breathing, fearing an attack.

“Is someone there?” she asked, afraid someone would answer. Even when no one responded, she didn’t relax. The odd sensation lingered around her and she still felt as if she was being watched.

Swallowing, Luna forced herself to continue down the stairs. Her eyes darted about the lower level of her house but she saw nothing out of the ordinary.

“I mean it,” she said, trying to sound bolder even as her voice shook. “Show yourself and I won’t call the cops.”

There still was no response.

Luna took a deep breath as she closed her eyes, trying to will her heart to calm down and her breathing to return to normal. “There’s no one there. I’m alone and safe.”

Opening her eyes, she forced herself to move forward. If she spent any more time dwelling on her odd feeling, the longer it will take for her fight or flight response to die down. She needed to distract herself and dinner seemed to be the perfect way to do that.

She made herself some linguine and grilled chicken, mixing in some vegetables. After placing it on a plate, she set it down on the table and poured herself a glass of wine. Luna took a big gulp of it, hoping it would calm her frayed nerves.

With the wine warming her stomach, she turned to face her table. Her heart stopped and her fingers went limp, sending the glass tumbling to the floor. It shattered and she felt win drench her socks but she didn’t move. She was frozen to the spot.

An envelope sat on her table, right in the middle. She knew it wasn’t there minutes earlier and didn’t know how someone could place it there without her noticing. Her kitchen wasn’t that big. She could barely fit another person between her and the table. Anyone sneaking in would have to brush past her to enter or leave.

“WHO IS HERE?” she yelled into the house. “If this is some prank, Jonas, I’m not amused. Get out here and let me berate you in person.”

She strained, trying to hear something—heavy breathing, footfalls, a door or window opening somewhere. There was nothing.

“I mean it,” she tried again, voice wavering. “This isn’t funny.”

There still was no answer.

Luna swallowed, avoiding the broken glass scattered on her floor as she picked up the letter on the table. It only bore her name, not her address, and had no return address either. Only a wax seal with a crescent moon decorated the back.

Her heart beating hard in her chest, she broke the seal and opened the letter. Fancy calligraphy in blood red ink (at least she hoped it was ink) filled the page and she read the short missive:


The moon is calling its daughters and it is time to assemble. When she is next full, meet at the secret lake hidden amongst the trees. Your awakening is at hand.

It was unsigned and she shook her head, deciding it was just a prank. “I hate Halloween jokes,” she muttered, heading over to the trash can to throw out it.

However, she found she couldn’t do it. Her hand hovered over the trash bin but her fingers wouldn’t release it. She sighed, setting it down on the counter instead. Maybe she would be able to throw it out tomorrow when she had a good night’s sleep and the overall oddness of this night was a distant memory.

As she returned to her cooling dinner, her eye caught sight of the calendar hanging on the side of her refrigerator. It noted the phases of the moon and she couldn’t help but notice when the next full moon was.


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