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February 5, 2018

2018: Chapter 1

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Have you ever seen those inspirational pictures where they refer to the days as pages and the year as a book of your life? Well, I have. It made me think—if each day is a page, that means each month would be a chapter. So I’ve decided to do a round up of each “chapter” of my 2018.

Let’s check out how January or “Chapter 1” went for me!

It started out pretty well though very, very cold as most of the country was gripped by a cold front. My aunt and I flew home from Virginia and I prepared to head back to work for the New Year. The first work week of January, though, was shorter than usual since a snow storm blew in on Thursday and my office was closed both that day and Friday.

A few days after that, my parents flew down to Florida to go to Walt Disney World (without me) and I had the house to myself. Unfortunately, I threw off my sleep schedule, using falling asleep for a few hours when I got home and then being up for most of the night. I managed to right myself that weekend though.

That weekend was a difficult one for me, however. It was actually difficult for the entire Outlaw Queen fandom as a FFnet watchdog group focused their attention on us thanks to someone no doubt with a grudge. Some of our most popular stories were targeted for the smut included in them and we had to make a choice between editing the stories, taking them down or risk losing everything because this group would report us for violations of the terms of service. Some chose to edit. I am in the group that chose to take the offending story down—though it will remain up on other platforms.

But! There was a bright spot in all this mess—the fandom rallied together and decided to start moving to another platform. Hopefully the other readers who aren’t as plugged into the fandom will come with us. I know losing one small fandom won’t hurt FFnet in the slightest but it’s a symbolic victory in the end.

(I do hope to put up a blog about it eventually. However, I want to make sure to backup The Nanny and remove it before I do so. This group…can be pretty vindictive. And the original “reviewer” sent me a novel in response to one word I chose to use in my note to my readers).

Speaking of my fanfiction…I posted a Christmas flash forward to my story “Building a Family” on Little Christmas, updated “The Nanny” and “Better When I’m Dancing.” I also signed up for the Love from OQ project, which is like a Secret Santa but for Valentine’s Day. I participated last year and eagerly signed up again this year.

I’ve started to convert my OQ Christmas fic The Christmas Wish into an original novel, trying to work on it for a half hour each day. After all, it worked for The Big Project until I lost it! So far, so good. I’ve changed the names and I’ve reworked the original section so it’s less expositiony and more actiony. I’m also adding a section from Robin’s (I’m not revealing new names yet) POV as well. So that’s some positive movement on that front.

So I think that’s it for Chapter 1. Let’s see what Chapter 2 will bring!


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