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November 23, 2017

Time to Give Thanks

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Today is Thanksgiving. It’s amazing to think it’s already upon us. I told you this part of the year always seems to fly by.

Anyway, since it’s Thanksgiving, I want to once again share what I’m thankful for.

Of course, I am always thankful for my family. I love each of them—no matter how crazy some of them are. (Though in some circles, I’m probably an eccentric cousin. At least, I hope so. It seems like a cool role to fill).

I’m also thankful for still having steady employment at a place I love to go to every day. I am grateful for having amazing coworkers who have created a great atmosphere that makes it a great place to work. And I am grateful to be aligned with an organization that does such great work in the community.

I’m thankfully for finding Once Upon a Book Club as it has introduced me to books I might not have read otherwise. I’ve been enjoying expanding my bookshelf.

I’m thankful for Lana Parrilla and Sean Maguire. Thanks to them, I found an amazing group of friends.

Which leads to me thanking my friends. You all are amazing and I enjoy talking with you. I’m so grateful I got a chance to meeting a lot of you this year—either if we went to dinner in March or met up at OUAT NJ last month. You all are amazing.

Thank you to the Outlaw Queen fandom. We’ve been through a lot but we’re still standing strong.

And my biggest thank you goes to all my readers! Whether you read my fanfics or read this blog, you all are amazing. I would probably write anyway, but it’s nice to know I’m not just shouting into the void. That there are people listening to me, reading my words and liking them. And not just liking them but commenting and engaging with me. I enjoy all our interactions.

So thank you, thank you, thank you!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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