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October 23, 2017

NaNoWriMo 2017: It’s Coming!

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Holy crap, October is almost over! The end of the year always seems to fly by, doesn’t it? Not the dreary winter months of January, February and March but the fun months—Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas! (Come on, that’s what we really think when we hear October, November and December if you’re American).

It also means that NaNoWriMo is around the corner. Once again, I will be participating. And once again, I will be using it to write my Outlaw Queen Christmas fic.

So, what is it about? Glad you asked!

Regina Mills has achieved every success in her career–she’s a partner in her prestigious New York law firm and has defended famous clients in high profile cases. She has been accepted into the best social circles, associating with crème of New York society. She shops at all the right stores, wears the most fashionable clothing and is seen at all the right events.

However, there is one thing missing in her life–a family. She’s dated but none have lived up to high school sweetheart, Daniel, who was killed in a tragic accident when they were still in college. Marriage never seemed to be in the cards for her and when her doctor informs her that she will never had children naturally, Regina decides to adopt and start a family on her own.

She falls in love with an older child named Henry and the adoption comes through right before the holidays. Regina decides to give him the Christmas he had only ever seen in movies and on TV, the Christmas her father had always tried to give her up in their small town in Maine. So she makes a list and brings Henry up to the cottage where she grew up.

Regina’s plans to give Henry the perfect Christmas hit a few snags, including one that brings firefighter and single father Robin Locksley into their lives. He and his son worm their way into the Mills’ celebrations and Regina learns that there is no set recipe for the perfect Christmas.

I may fine tune that synopsis. Oh, heck, I probably will do that. Especially as the holidays approach. But there it is. And yes, it is inspired by the Hallmark Channel movie “The Christmas List” starring Alicia Witt.

So to everyone preparing to write 50,000 words next month, I salute you! See you on the other side!


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