A Writer's Journey

October 16, 2017

So What Happened to My Stories?

A couple weeks ago, I posted about how my laptop Old Blue died. I wrote that I was waiting to see if the IT guy at work could salvage anything off the hard drive. The answer is in:


So, yes. Everything that hadn’t been on OneDrive is lost. And that ended up being a lot.

As I said, lesson learned. I’ve been looking into an external hard drive to be sure I have a backup though I’ve started saving a lot more to OneDrive. I’m not going to lose all of that hard work again.

How much work, you ask? Well…

A lot of my fanfics are posted or on OneDrive so I’m pretty good on that front. I’m not worried there. However, I didn’t have the Big Project on OneDrive and now I’m back at square one with that.

That’s probably when I feel my bleakest. But more on that in a later post.

Now, let’s move onto my original works…

The good news is that most of them started out handwritten in notebooks. So they aren’t completely gone. I can always type them back up. However, by this point, I’ll probably ended up doing several extensive rewrites on them. I had already started a few on Fairest of Them All.

(That was on Scrivener. I should see if maybe there’s a backup somewhere…)

However, that doesn’t apply to The Conference House. I wrote that on my computer directly, so I now have to start all over again. That’s a bit disheartening as well. But I am determined to write it, so I will do whatever I have to to do so.

I just have to make the time. And that’s a whole other problem.


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