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July 10, 2017

Lessons Learned on Vacation

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I went to Walt Disney World during June. My father retired at the end of April and this was his celebration. So my parents, sister, aunt and I went down to spend a week at the Most Magical Place on Earth. At the end of that week, I learned some things about myself.

I am an adult.

No, that’s not a “I’m too old for Walt Disney World” realization. I firmly believe that you can never outgrow Disney World and that there’s plenty to do as an adult, even without a child.

It’s just a realization.

I have them every so often and I know others my age have them as well. I know I’m an adult—I’m 31 years old. I own a car, I vote, I drink, I have a job, I travel by myself, etc. Yet there are still these moments when it hits me: I am an adult.

And I had one of those moments on this vacation. I had a realization years ago as a teenager—my parents and I had two different definitions of vacation. Especially at Disney World. They always say we’re not laze about the hotel people. That we’re get up and go to the parks people. And in my many ways, we are.

Yet one of my favorite Disney memories of all time is from when I was back in college. We had done the magical hours the night before at the Magic Kingdom and hadn’t got back to our rooms until almost 3 in the morning. They woke up the next morning and went to the Animal Kingdom. I chose to sleep in a bit longer. By the time I awoke, they had moved onto Hollywood Studios to eat at the SciFi Restaurant. I decided to change into my bathing suit, put on some shorts and head to the cafeteria to grab some lunch. After, I went out to the pool and chilled out there. I got some sun, I did some swimming and then my family joined me. We finished with a light dinner and mini-golf.

My parents told me that was my one free day and that I would be expected to join them in the parks for the rest of the vacation. I was okay with that and I did in fact spend the rest of the time in the parks.

I haven’t really had much of those days on recent trips. And I miss them. They were really relaxing.

So while my parents aren’t hotel people, I’m realizing that I am. I mean, I still love to spend most of my time in the parks. And I definitely know that once I’m in the parks, I’m not leaving until I’m done or they close. My senior trip proved that. Yet I’ve realized I don’t need to rush to the parks. Or since Hollywood Studios isn’t a whole day park, maybe I don’t need to stay until closing. Maybe I can come back to the hotel for a late lunch/early dinner and then chill out in the pool. Maybe even explore the hotel and its offerings a bit more.

And I realize I’ll have to speak up more. I have to tell my parents what I want to do on my vacation. After all, I am an adult who pays for her own vacations. So I should I get some control over what I do, right? I think my mom would understand and get it. I’m not so sure about my dad. Especially in Disney. He’s pretty obsessed about making sure the entire family is together. My sister and I would love to do things on our own and let our parents do what they want. But we’re never too far apart before he starts texting to see where we are. So I’m not sure what he would do if I wanted to spend more time in the hotel or really plan out my own day.

I think I have some time. My parents are talking about going to Disney again next year, but there are a few other things I want to do so I might have to pass. But I might make it to Myrtle Beach with them. However, I don’t think I’ll have a “get up and go” problem on that vacation. No one is really rushing to the beach—you just stroll down there and just chill. It’s the beach!

So we’ll see what happens.

After all, vacations shouldn’t be stressful.


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