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June 5, 2017

Go West

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And then run back East, if you’re me.

We have established I’m a diehard East Coast girl, right?

But, yes, I made a trip to the West Coast at the end of April. I mentioned it in an earlier post—I went to Anaheim for a work conference. It was a great conference and I learned a lot.

I’m not here to talk about that, though. I’m gonna talk about almost everything else. Starting with the flight there. I flew United, which had been booked long before the gentleman had been dragged off the plane. So I had some fun with my parents, promising not to get dragged off my flight. But my flight was uneventful, though I made a new friend—an absolutely adorable and happy baby girl whose mother was sitting next to me. Her older brother got sick so Mom had to help him and asked me to hold her. She apologized but as someone who suffers from motion sickness, I told her it was no worry. I happily held her daughter and bounced her on my lap as she played with my fingers. She was calm and happy, probably transfixed by the game I had been playing, and just enjoyed being bounced.

We landed and I handed my new friend back to her mom before deplaning. So don’t worry, I didn’t keep her.

My colleague and I got to Anaheim from LAX, settling into our hotel rooms. Some other colleagues from New Jersey had arranged for a dinner that night so I changed into a nice dress for it. We went to a restaurant across the street that was absolutely delicious (and serving $8 margaritas!). It was nice night out.

I got back to the hotel, took a shower and then tried to do a little work before I ended up falling asleep. I guess jetlag got the best of me.

Wednesday was a busy, busy day. After dinner, though, I still had some more work to do and ended up logged onto my computer at work. Which was a bit confusing, since my computer was still in New Jersey. So the time was three hours ahead. But I got my work done…and then I passed out shortly We after taking my shower yet again.

Not sure I could blame jetlag that time.

Thursday was more of the conference. However, I had a nice break in the afternoon. I noticed the Crystal Cathedral nearby and I decided to see if I could walk there. Google maps said I could so off I went.

It was gorgeous. I don’t think there are words to adequately describe it, which kills me to admit as a writer. The main cathedral was closed as they are converting it from a Protestant church into a Catholic one. I mostly walked around the grounds, taking in the different statues and the beautiful fountains around the compound. And I popped into the chapel for a bit before returning to the hotel.

That night, a group of us went to The Outlets at Orange, which were right next door to us. We went to a seafood place there, so I had to order one of the few non-seafood options (steak). And I’ll admit, I had to text my parents because I wasn’t sure which cut I like. (It was the rib-eye). My steak was delicious and instead of steak sauce, I ate it with green chimichurri. I had red chimichurri on the Disney cruise and can now say I like both. We ate, drank and were merry until my coworker and I decided to call it a night.

I had planned to get some writing done but once again, I found myself out cold after taking my shower. These conferences can take a lot out of you!

Which brings us to Friday. I woke up a bit later since I wasn’t going down to the conference, but I wanted to be out on an early shuttle because I was spending as much time as I could in Disneyland. However, I wanted to get a few things done first. Like booking my shuttle back home and getting internet access for my flight back to New York. I did have five hours sitting still in one place to look forward to.

I made it out to the 10 AM shuttle to Disneyland and was there by 10:15 AM. Once I was through security, I headed over to California Adventure to begin my day in the park. I went on Radiator Springs first, using the single rider line. And I relaxed, knowing I was in Disney.

I spent fourteen hours in Disney—from a little after 10 in the morning until a little after midnight. And I enjoyed every minute of it. Even as it got more crowded as the night wore on. I did have to start prioritizing which rides I went on. Since I’m going to Disney World in June, I decided to focus on rides I could only do in Disneyland. Which is why I waited for the Matterhorn despite there being a 105 minute wait. Well, that and the fact it was my first rollercoaster. So I had a sentimental reason to ride it.

When I got back to the hotel, I just took a shower and set my alarm for 8 AM. I knew I was exhausted and figured that was plenty of time to pack before checkout at 11 AM. And it was also when NY Comic Con tickets were going to go on sale. So I figured it would give me enough sleep.

I woke up three hours later. And I wasn’t sure why. At first, I thought it was my sinuses. The pillows didn’t let enough lift to let my sinuses drain while sleeping. But even after I blew my nose and cleared it up, I still couldn’t sleep. The Santa Ana winds blew outside my window, rattling it and bending trees. I worried they would delay or cancel my flight home. I could feel myself growing antsy, like last time. It was time to head back to the East Coast. Or maybe just get out of the hotel. There are times I get restless and need to just walk around.

Finally, I settled down and fell asleep again. Once again,though, I only slept a few hours before waking before my 8 AM alarm. Since I was going to be waking up anyway, I got up and got in the virtual queue for NY Comic Con tickets. I also dressed for the day and grabbed some breakfast—walking with my phone the entire time so I didn’t miss my chance to buy tickets. (I was going to get Friday and Saturday tickets but Saturday was all sold out by the time I got to the checkout an hour later. I got Friday).

After packing my bags, I then called home to check in with my parents. We talked for a bit before I chilled, waiting to check out of my room and wait for my shuttle.

However, I ended up waiting and waiting for my shuttle when I did check out. When it did come, I realized I was going to be later to the airport than I wanted to be for my 2:15 PM flight. We got to the airport at 1:00 PM and had to help an older couple out. The other family in my shuttle and I felt bad that we couldn’t help them with all their bags, but our boarding time was 1:30 PM. We were pushing it as it were.

Thankfully, the travel gods were on my side and I flew through security. But I didn’t have any time for lunch. (Good thing I got breakfast!). So I loaded up on snacks before getting on my plane. I pretty much ate them all over the five hours it took to get back to New York. The flight back was also one of the first times I had all trip to actually get some writing done, thanks to the Wi-Fi I had purchased.

And then I was home on the East Coast. I was able to get some dinner and pretty much went right to bed after. After all, I didn’t get a lot of sleep the night before.

Then I got back on a writing schedule.


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