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February 20, 2017

Traveling, Traveling, Traveling…

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It’s February and I already have a lot of trips planned for 2017, it seems.

In fact, it started this past weekend with a trip up to Corning, NY to visit my cousin and her kids. Corning is a quaint little city best known for glass and other kitchenware, but it’s pretty picturesque. It’s also wine country and I’ve been meaning to go on a wine tour up there.

Maybe this summer?

Anyway, then there’s April. My mom and I are taking my aunt down to Virginia so she can finally go to Williamsburg. We’ll also take her to Busch Gardens and I’m not sure if a stop at my sister’s in Richmond is in the card. My aunt is scared of animals, so we definitely already ruled out staying with her because of her dog. I’m not sure if we’ll visit my sister’s house so my aunt can see it, but if we do, I’ll have to take Balto for a walk.

A couple weeks after that, the YMCA is hosting a forum for HR professionals out in Anaheim, CA. And this year, our budget allows for us to go! Because everything starts bright and early on Wednesday, we’re flying out there on Tuesday and should get to LAX in the early afternoon and then to the hotel hopefully an hour or two after that. My plan is then, of course, to hit up Disneyland (probably California Adventure) for some fun ahead of the forum. I’ve then asked not to fly out on Friday but on Saturday so I can have the day at Disneyland.

Because it’s me. I couldn’t resist a trip to Disneyland. Not when I’m so close.

Then my next trip is actually to Disney World! Yes, I can hit both resorts this year. I doubt I’ll ever do that again! Anyway, we’re going in June to celebrate my dad’s retirement in May. We’re taking my aunt with us as well as she told my mom shortly after my grandmother died that she would love to go back to Disney. And since my sister’s trip with her now ex-boyfriend fell through, she’s coming with us as well.

So that should be lots of fun—and it’s only the first half of the year! I might need to sleep the rest of the year to make up for it!


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