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January 3, 2017

2016 in Review

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It’s been a year, hasn’t it?

I won’t lie—I won’t be too sad to see this one go. There’s been some struggles personally—nothing too much, but still, it was a bit trying.

How else has it been for me? Well, let’s review the anticipations I made almost a year ago:

On the fanfiction front, I anticipate finishing “The Land Without Magic” and “The Prince of Darkness.” I anticipate starting their sequels—“Once Upon a Time” and “Untitled as of Now.” And I’ll continue working on “The Nanny,” “Comfort Food” and “Building a Family.” And probably many more.

I did this! In fact, “Untitled as of Now” is called “The Dark Legacy.” I also started a new story called “Crown My Heart,” which is also very popular. There was also the hotel verse and I just finished a well liked Christmas fic as well.

I anticipate reading at least one book a month. My reading last year was also way down and it’s very important for a writer to continue reading.

I tried to do this but I’m afraid I failed more often than succeeded. I got better toward the end of the year, especially with the book club I joined. So I haven’t finished with 12 books, but I believe I’ll finish with 10. Which is fine by me. All I wanted to do was read more and I finally did it.

I anticipate finishing “Long Live the Queen.” And posting it on Wattpad. Because I’m on there.

I still am on Wattpad. I haven’t used that account in a long time, though. Nor have I really worked on “Long Live the Queen.”

I anticipate entering one writing contest.


I anticipate participating in another NaNoWRiMo.

I did! And I had my best year so far. Go me!

I anticipate shopping around one manuscript by year’s end.

Nope. But there’s always next year.

Of course, that doesn’t accurately capture my 2016. I think I made some great strides in my writing and building a potential audience. I only see more growth for 2017.

That’s a topic for next time.


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