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November 26, 2016


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It’s Thanksgiving again. My how the year flies by! As usual, I’d like to share what I’m grateful for this year.

As always, I’ll start with my family. Especially given my father’s medical scare earlier this year. Even though his strokes were mild, they were still scary and it was difficult to watch him struggle with the limited mobility in his right hand. But the doctors and the specialists took care of him, we took care of him and he didn’t give up. He might still have some issues but he’s stronger than he was right after the stroke.

I’m also very thankful for my grandmother. She’s 92 and counting. Her health isn’t the greatest and this may be the last Thanksgiving I can be thankful for her. But then again, I’ll always be thankful for her. I love you, Nana.

I’m also thankful for my job, even if it’s a bit crazy right now as I’m doing two jobs. But my coworkers are great, we do great work and hey, it’s a job.

Of course, there are my friends. You all rock.

Most of all, I’m thankful for my Outlaw Queen friends. We went through a lot this year—the rumors, the uncertainty, the theories, the fighting…and then our nightmare coming true. As they buried Robin and let Sean Maguire go, we rallied together and kept our beloved Outlaw alive in our hearts and in our art.

I’m grateful for all the new friendships I’ve made and all our conversations. You’re all amazing.

This would’ve been up on Thursday, but I was focused on getting out my gift for the OQ Advent Calendar on time. Sorry.

Which brings me to this last point…

I am grateful for all my readers. You have made my year with how supportive you’ve continued to be of me and my writing. I’ve had a few issues here or there, but you all helped me through them. So thank you, thank you, thank you.

And I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving.


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