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November 14, 2016

Farewell to a Special Lady

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Last week was a crazy one.

And not just because of the election.

(Though the election was a crazy one. Definitely one we’ll be reading about in years to come).

Wednesday morning, my great-aunt passed away five days short of her 91st birthday.

My Aunt Jennie was a spitfire who only slowed down because her body broke down. Her mind was still sharp as a tack and her tongue just as sharp until the very end.

She was the youngest of four children and was close to her sisters, including my grandmother. Following my great-grandmother’s death, though, my great-aunt decided to go live with relatives in South Carolina. So she was close with her cousins down there as well as their families. In the past few years, she tried to go down as often as she could to be with her cousins and I know it was a relief to my Aunt Pauline to have her there following the death of Aunt Aphrodite.

Aunt Jennie married my Uncle George and had one son, James. (Called Jimmy). But she also had a large role in raising her niece and nephews, my father included. They are all like siblings and I don’t call them “aunt” and “uncle” just because it’s respectful.

Last year, I wrote in her birthday card that I want to be her when I grow up. My cousin called me a brown-noser but it was the truth. Aunt Jennie did not let age slow her down. She became an auxiliary police officer, acted in an off-off Broadway play, was a Red Apple Lady at LaGuardia Airport, and did so much more. She was more active than I am now and I’m young. She was definitely a model for the theory that age is only a number.

So goodbye, Aunt Jennie. We will miss you but take comfort that you lived a full life. I also know that you are with your husband, your parents and your siblings again. We will meet again one day and I’m sure you’ll have lots of stories to tell.

Hopefully, so will I.

Rest in Peace.


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