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October 24, 2016

Reading Challenge Update

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It’s almost November.


As most of you might remember, I started 2016 with a challenge to myself: Read one book a month.

So how am I doing?

Eh. I definitely could be doing better. I’m only just up to the book I assigned to June while still reading April’s and May’s. April’s had to be changed to The Night Circus, which is pretty long and moving very slowly, in my opinion. Things are going better with The Emerald Night (May) and I’m just getting into Welcome to Last Chance (June).

But I’ve been reading other things, though. I got Baker’s Dozen by Allison Fuller and Anonymous by Kristina Woods at the start of the summer. So I read those. And then I got Dot Complicated by Randi Zuckerberg after seeing her speak at the General Assembly. Now I’m reading Sorry, Not Sorry by Naya Rivera as well as Lost Among the Living by Simone St. James for the book club.

And let me tell you—those gifts are great motivators to read more. I just want to get to the next one to find out what it is! So I just keep reading and reading…

So there’s a good number of books there. I don’t know if I’ll finish with 12 books but I feel it’ll be close. Definitely an improvement over last year, I feel.

Did anyone else challenge themselves? If so, how are you doing?

Sound off below!


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