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October 17, 2016

I Joined a Book Club

Last week was New York Comic Con and of course, I went. I got a late start so I missed my friends—they were leaving as I went in. But I didn’t mind. It’s really hard to feel alone with 50,000 other people all there in costumes and reveling in our nerdy ways.

A good part of being alone was that I could do Comic Con at my own pace. I hit the publishing section first and this proved to be a book heavy year. And some of my books came with a tote bag! Score!

I found a cool store with some nice fandom things, including Once Upon a Time stuff. However, while they had Rumbelle, Snowing and Captain Swan items (as well as general show items), there was nothing Outlaw Queen. Frowning, I moved on.

Since I got there later, I wanted to check out the autographing area before the stars left for the day. Down there, I got to meet Graham MacTavish (Dougal in Outlander) and got his autograph.


Returning to the exhibit floor, I decided I was going to walk up and down every aisle to see if anything caught my eye. I picked up some Funkos and admired a few things before ending up in the publishing section, where I picked up a few more books.

There are worst things to be addicted to, right?

As I was walking, I then spotted a booth selling cellphone cases designed like book covers. I loved them and bought three—Pride and Prejudice, Beauty and the Beast and Little Women.


Right now, Pride and Prejudice is on my phone.

At the same booth, they were offering the chance to join a book club. Once a month, a box arrives with a new book and little presents all wrapped up inside. They are labeled with a specific page and when you get to that page, you’re supposed to open the present and enjoy the story in a deeper way. I thought it sounded intriguing and so I signed up.


Since I signed up there, they gave me my first box then and there. We’re reading Lost Among the Living by Simone St. James. It’s set in the 1920s in England, telling the story of Joanna “Jo” Manders. Her husband Alex went missing during World War I and she’s now working for his aunt. She moves into the family estate and learns there are secrets the family has been hiding. And are they cursed?

A historical mystery seems intriguing and I figured a book club from a company called “Chick Lit Designs” means I’m in store for more books similar to my tastes. I can’t wait to see the gifts inside that box!


There are questions to answer during a week in November on Instagram. I look forward to that!

We’ll see how this goes! And maybe I’ll finally get my book count back up!


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