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October 4, 2016

When Fans Win!

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I had another entry partially written but something happened  Tuesday, September 27th, that made me start all over again.

As you know, I’ve been very vocal all summer long about how upset I am that Once Upon a Time killed off Robin Hood and let Sean Maguire go. Many of us have been. The week prior, an interview with creators Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis was published where they said they got 3000 tweets every 2 seconds about Robin.

I did the math. That’s 129,600,000 tweets.


In the same interview, though, they said that there were no plans to bring Robin Hood back and that “dead is dead.” As you can imagine, the fans were not too happy to hear that and a bit confused. How could over 100 million tweets not make them reconsider their decision?

Well, it looks like it did.

On Tuesday, I took a little break as lunch arrived and checked my Twitter app. My timeline had been quite active due to the debate the night before but now it was full of my fandom mates. All were posting and I was a bit confused. Especially when I saw one tweet featuring this gif:

So I kept scrolling and I saw the article that had set off the excitement: Entertainment Weekly announced that Sean Maguire was returning as Robin Hood!

I wanted to do a dance of joy but couldn’t because my coworkers would get concerned.

Now, there were some caveats. Adam and Eddy are the kings of “no spoilers” so they haven’t been forthcoming about when he’ll appear, how he’ll appear and the like. However, it has been revealed that it’ll be a multi-episode arc and that they insist he is still dead.

What do I think? I’m not sure what to think, honestly. Back in season 4, when it was announced both Eion Bailey (August) and Rebecca Mader (Zelena) would be appearing, they said it would be for flashbacks. Bailey’s August was part of the rest of the Queens of Darkness storyline and Mader is now a regular cast member. So it’s hard to take their words at face value.

But at the same time, their track record with Robin and Outlaw Queen is not good. I could fill a whole blog post with their quotes and promises about what we would get and then never got. So it’s not hard to believe we might just be setting ourselves up for disappointment.

Right now, I’m not thinking it’ll be for flashbacks as some people have speculated. I don’t think they would be considered a multi-episode arc. Also, when Sean was interviewed after Robin’s death, he was candid about his disappointment in the lack of a story and character development for Robin. When speaking about possible future projects, he spoke about understanding the story and his character’s journey, so I thought he was going to make sure he would have something to do rather than being a glorified extra. I also told many people that Sean would return for the fans, to work with the cast and crew in Vancouver but only if there was a really good storyline. So I think Adam and Eddy had to have pitched and promised something very good and substantial to lure him back after they burned him.

So, yes, I’ve ruled out flashbacks. At the very least, I’m hoping we can get closure. Closure for Robin, for his family and for him and Regina. His story just ended abruptly. So wrapping him up might do everyone a good service. Perhaps they find his soul and give him the chance to move on. Or perhaps he is already a ghost, haunting Storybrooke until he can say his goodbyes.

I will be honest and say that there’s a small part of me that hopes my calls for a Finding Robin plot comes true. That they manage to bring Robin back to life so he can be part of the cast again. That we get more Outlaw Queen and more Robin Hood. While I’m trying to keep my expectations low, I am going to put it out to the universe. It did bring Robin back, after all.

I’m also putting it out to the universe that Raphael Alejandro comes back as the fandom’s favorite dimpled baby Hobbit, Roland. We need more of the Hood men together!

Do I think the fans did this? Of course I do! I highly doubt Adam and Eddy looked at each other one day and said, “You know what we need to do? We need to write an arc for Robin Hood despite having Sean as a regular for an entire season and doing nothing with the character before killing him off.” Part of me believes they got pressure from higher ups who saw the backlash and also saw how Sean’s stock had risen over the summer. (Timeless, a new show on NBC, is really promoting his guest appearance as Ian Fleming in their 4th episode).

For years, I’ve always warned about underestimating the power of fandom and fans in general. We’ve seen shows come back from cancellation thanks to fan support. And now this is another example of what fans can achieve. I’m proud to be a part of this movement.

So would I go back to May 9th, if I could, and tell the me that was sitting on a train coming back from jury duty and trying not to cry about this? No. Because that heartbroken fan got mad. She wrote letters, signed petitions, participated in twitter trend attempts, and the like. She became part of the movement that helped bring Sean back. I wouldn’t change that at all.

Next up—trying to get him back on permanently.

Hey, we got him back in the first place. It could happen.




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