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August 30, 2016

I Am a Hypocrite

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Remember 2012?

Specifically how 50 Shades of Grey exploded into pop culture? Remember how I wrote against it back then?

Have I changed my mind, you ask? Do I now like 50 Shades of Grey?

Ha ha ha.


From what I have glanced, it still is riddled with poor writing and editing as well as questionable research about BDSM culture. No, what I’m talking about is how I discussed fanfiction and authors deciding to publish it. You can double check the post if you need refresher.

So how is it that I’m a hypocrite?

Well, I guess we’ll start this past May when I purchased Baker’s Dozen by Allison Fuller and Anonymous by Kristina Woods.

Both started as Outlaw Queen fanfictions. In fact, Baker’s Dozen is that one fic everyone who enters the fandom is told to read. So I couldn’t wait to support it as an actual novel either. When Amazon recommended I buy Anonymous along with Baker’s Dozen, I figured: “Why not?”

So, yes, that’s how I’m a hypocrite. I supported fanfiction turned published books because now they dealt with my fandom.

Well, to be honest, there’s more to it than that. Both were well written—though Anonymous had a few punctuation errors here or there—and decent plots. The sex in Baker’s Dozen was definitely better than 50 Shades and the relationships were far healthier than 50 Shades.

Yet, this really isn’t about Baker’s Dozen and Anonymous. This is about me.

This past June, I decided to publish one of my own Outlaw Queen fics as a regular novel. I’m not going to reveal which one yet and I’m not ready to make that big announcement. So I’ll just call it my “Big Project,” the codename I gave it on Twitter whenever I discuss it there. Only a few people know what the “Big Project” really is.

So why did I title this the way I did? Because I’ve been online long enough to know that people can dig up things you said years ago. So I guess this is me jumping the gun a bit—acknowledging that I once had a position on publishing fanfiction but have since done it myself.

Why have I made this decision?

Good question!

I had pretty much finished my latest chapter and I thought it was a great bookend to the first chapter. There was something that happened that mirrored something from the first chapter yet also set up a future for the two main characters.

(Sorry for being so very, very vague but if I explained the exact situations, then my readers would know exactly which story the “Big Project” really is).

I thought that with the way I had written the chapter, I could just end the story there. I chose not to but it got me thinking. Having just purchased Baker’s Dozen and Anonymous, I considered publishing my own story. There is plenty of support and love for this particular story, so I knew I had people who would buy it as a book. And I believed it had a premise that could lure in other lovers of romance.

So then I got serious about it.

It is a bit easier with most of the story written already, but there are a few chapters I need to add. So I’ve been working on them. At first, it was slow going but then a month ago, I decided to try something new. I vowed to devote a half hour every day to just writing the Big Project. And it’s done wonders for my word count and getting the chapters finished. I hope to have it done by the New Year.

(Which means I may not be participating in NaNoWriMo this year. I’ll have to see).

So of course I’ve been thinking of my next steps. I’ve returned to Scribophile and am trying to work up a lot of karma so I can post Big Project there for critiques. Then I can work on a second round of drafts, no doubt still using the half hour a day process. It should be quicker, though. Depending on the critiques, I’ll then decide if I go for a second posting or not.

And I’m thinking beyond, mostly thanks to Randi Zuckerberg. You’ll remember I talked about her speech at our General Assembly in last week’s post.

I already figured that I would get a Gmail account to just deal with anything regarding this book (and any other books I may publish in the future). And having that email account can be helpful in other sites—Facebook, tumblr, Twitter. I can create a unified presence as an author while keeping my other sites for my own personal use.

I can also use all of this to promote the book when it’s ready to be released. Which is still a ways off, so I’m trying to reel in my eagerness to do all of this now. I’ll have to wait until I’m closer.

So I’ll keep you informed.


Summer Writing Challenge (Week 13)

Words: 13,833

Under/over: 35,117


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