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June 27, 2016

Fighting the Good Fight

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Over the past year or so, I’ve gotten candid about being a fan of the TV show Once Upon a Time. I’ve also been forthright about being a total fangirl for the Outlaw Queen ship. As such, May was tough month for me and my shipmates. On the season’s penultimate episode, Robin Hood (Sean Maguire) was killed off.

It was a heroic death. And a beautiful scene. It was also a complete slap in the face to Robin’s fans and to Sean, in my opinion. Because Robin didn’t just die. His soul was obliterated. No chance of an afterlife, no better place. He’s just…gone. Which makes it very, very slim that he will come back.

But we won’t give up. And I am including myself in that. After a few days of crying, I grew angry and determined. While sitting in the courtroom, I decided that I was going to write a letter to ABC. And I did. I wrote about what Robin Hood meant to me and how I felt his death sent the wrong message to fans. A man who was honorable and always tried to do the right thing didn’t a get a chance to move on to a better place after we spent an arc watching several characters, including villains, get that chance. So be good and get nothing, be evil and get everything.

I wrote that it seemed to me that the network didn’t interfere much with the show’s production and so I appreciated the faith they placed in the writers. But that I believed this was a time they needed to step in and encourage the writers to reverse their decision. To make Robin undeaded.

At the very least, I want an arc that resolves Robin’s story. Gives him a chance to move on at least and that explores his backstory. There was so much set up by the writers that they never followed through on. Robin having a dark past. How he adjusts to Storybrooke. Does he get a job? And how does he really deal with raising his daughter with Zelena? What role exactly does he plan for Regina to have?

I realize I may never get all of that, even if somehow the writers are convinced to bring Robin Hood back. So I’m just hoping that if they do agree to it, they give him proper closure. Let his soul be found at least so he can go to the better place and have hope of being reunited with his loved ones one day.

Do I think the fans can get him brought back? Yes, I do. Fans have done it in the past. And we Hoodies have remained very vocal. I was not alone in writing a letter to ABC execs. People have also been tweeting them as well continue to tweet to the writers. And there have been several articles written about Robin’s death and what a big mistake it was. So I can only hope it’s caught the attention of someone at ABC. There may be hope.

And sometimes, that can be the most powerful tool of all.

Summer Writing Challenge

Week 4 (June 20-26)

Words: 5, 132

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