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May 16, 2016

Reading Challenge Update #2

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Good news! I’ve finished one book in my reading challenge! It’s February’s book, Ticker. A proper review for it will eventually go up on my blog.

So how do I stand? Not as good as I expected. I didn’t get as much reading done while on vacation like I thought. Though I did make a lot of headway in Ticker, which is why it’s the first book finished.

But I have been on jury duty for most of the month. I was one of the “lucky” few chosen to sit on a jury. And there’s quite a bit of downtime. So I’ve been doing some reading. I’ve made some progress so far. I think I’ll be approaching when I just focus on finishing Shadow Scales soon. It is starting to pick up as well as we approach the climax.

The Rose Garden is also intriguing. It’s like Outlander, only Eva can travel back and forth between time periods. Not willingly—she has no control when she ends up in the 18th century and when she goes back to the 21st. And it’s like Narnia—no matter how long she spends in the 18th century, almost no time passes in the 21st. This also deals with the first Jacobite rising, the one in 1715, and is set in England, so there are some differences from Outlander.

I’ve also started The Night Circus. I know originally I had “Showtime” for April, but I couldn’t find it on Kindle. And Goodreads does list a Kindle edition. So I went with The Night Circus. I have been meaning to read it for almost four years now. So now seemed like as good a time as any. Right?

So that’s where I am right now. I haven’t started May’s selection (Emerald Knight) yet. I don’t want to be juggling more than three books at a time. So once I finish one of these books (most likely Shadow Scales), then I’ll start it.

Will check in soon.


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