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May 10, 2016

Casting Away

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So, I know I’ve been back from my birthday cruise for over a month now. But I had posts queued up to be on the safe side. Unfortunately, this took longer to write than I thought. Oops.

Are you ready?

Thursday started early as we were out of the house before 7 AM since our flight was at 9:00 AM. Despite it being rush hour, there was only a little bit of traffic and we pretty much flew to the airport. After checking our bags, we got through security with little wait and located our gate. Except it said the flight was going to San Juan and we certainly weren’t. It seems our gate changed while we were going through security. But we found it and then picked up some breakfast.

Our flight went smoothly and we transferred to the bus that took us to Port Canaveral. We registered for our cruise and went to take our portraits. Our friend Bob showed up right then and we laughed, knowing we couldn’t have planned it any better.


Our ship!


The rooms weren’t ready yet so we went straight up to Cabana’s for the buffet lunch. We chilled there for a bit and mastered the Disney Cruise app until our rooms were ready. Bob headed down to his stateroom while my parents and I found ours on Deck 7. We had previously cruised on the Disney Dream and had the same style of room—stateroom with a verandah—so we knew what to expect. Except the Magic is older and smaller, so the quarters were tighter than the ones on the Dream. But it was only me in my room and we hardly spent time there, so I didn’t mind too much.

I think I spent the most time in my room while we were waiting to leave port. My luggage came and I was able to decorate my door using the decorations my sister gave me. With my stateroom number serving as the head, I made it look like Belle—plus balloons wishing me a happy birthday.

I had also changed out of the outfit I wore down to Florida, realizing it was still too warm for the weather. So I donned a maxi dress and my flats before heading out to the emergency drill. Our assembly point was in the back corner of Animator’s Palate and soon, we were cleared to leave. I sat on my verandah as the ship left port, spotting some dolphins nearby.

We met Bob for “Tangled the Musical” in the Walt Disney Theater. At this point, I could feel the ship moving and while I wasn’t getting sick, it wasn’t pleasant either. But I didn’t mind too much sitting in my seat, watching the musical. If they took it to Broadway, I’d go see it. Even with our technical difficulties.

Dinner that night was in Carioca’s. I had a mint julep with my empanada and honey barbecued chicken. All tasted very good but all I could focus on was the rolling of the ship. When we went back to our room, I fell over a few times. And it was not the tequila in the mint julep. I pretty much laid down on the bed and went to sleep while my parents went to go see Star Wars: The Force Awakens with Bob.

When I woke, I felt much better. I figured either the waters had calmed or I had gotten my sea legs. Because I had fallen asleep in my dress, I got up to change. My glasses were off, so when I glanced out the window, I had expected to see blurred blue—light for the sky, dark for the ocean. Instead, I saw beige blurs. Confused, I put my glasses on and saw buildings outside. The reason I felt better was because the ship was no longer moving—we were in port!

I wasn’t sure which port we were in though and when I went outside on my verandah, I couldn’t figure it out either. We were next to a parking lot and there were hotels, but nothing too definitive. Since this was supposed to be our day at sea, I was disheartened to see we were in port. But since there weren’t announcements that we needed to leave the ship nor were cast members coming around, I didn’t worry too much and went back to bed.

A little while later, I felt the engines start up again so I slid out of bed. I went out to my verandah to notice we appeared to be moving away from the dock. As we pulled away, I noticed we were back in Port Canaveral and we were heading back out to sea. I then realized we were back in the service area so I turned off airplane mode on my phone. So, yes, I was checking e-mails and notifications until we were out of port. An announcement was then made to say we had returned to Florida because of a sick passenger but we were on schedule. Content, I went back to bed again.

I woke again around 11 and got ready for the day, putting on my bathing suit under my shirt and shorts. Then I wandered up to Cabanas for their lunch before locating the rest of my party. They went to eat shortly after and I went on the Aquadunk. It’s a regular water slide, but one where you get into the pod and they drop the floor out from you. Honestly, the worst part is waiting for that.

After changing out of my wet bathing suit, I hurried down to catch the 3-D showing of Zootopia in the Walt Disney Theater. My parents were there but since the theater was already dark when I entered, I just grabbed a nearby seat. We loved the movie and I can’t wait until it comes out on video!

Mom and I went to play Bingo after that. We didn’t win but we did have fun and I got some alcohol. After getting my dad, we met Bob for the Cinderella retelling they were showing as the live show. It was similar to the third Cinderella movie, where Lady Tremaine and her daughters go back in time to prevent Cinderella from trying on the shoe. In the movie, they steal the fairy godmother’s wand and make the shoe fit Anastasia. In the show, an evil fairy godfather turns back time and gives them the chance to break the shoes. He also shrinks Cinderella, giving her another obstacle to overcome in her quest for her happy ending.

After the show, we went to change into our pirate gear for the Pirates in the Caribbean party. It was very windy that night, so I think we got the “B” show rather than the main one. While we saw cast members walking around with gear for ziplining—and the lines were set up—nothing like that happened in the show. On the Dream, Captain Jack Sparrow had an adventure on the ship. Here, Captain Hook took over the ship and was defeated by Captain Mickey. Either way, we got fireworks.

My birthday dinner was at Lumiere’s, based on my favorite movie! After ensuring the lamb was spring lamb and not mutton, I ordered that. It was delicious and I enjoyed every bite. Though I had gotten some sort of dessert, I still got a small chocolate cake when the servers sang “Happy Birthday” to me. Oh, and a birthday pin.

Dad went to go see “The Finest Hours” while Mom and I went to play a trivia game. We did alright, though we didn’t win. I then wanted a birthday hug from Mickey, so we stood online to see him. We got pictures and I got my hug! When we spied Chip and Dale upstairs, we hurried on got on their line as well. So I got pictures with Mickey and my favorite Disney animal characters!

We then went back to our rooms. I got some writing done before heading to bed for the night.

In the morning, we got ready to head out to Castaway Cay. We took pictures outside and then hopped the tram out to Pelican’s Bay. There, we transferred to the tram that took us the rest of the way to Serenity Bay, the adults-only beach. Bob already got us chairs and umbrellas. The tide was out and the water was so low, we were able to walk out to the sandbar without the water coming up to our knees. We hung out on the sandbar a bit and noted the tide was actually coming in. As we returned to shore, the water was now past our legs but barely wetted our bathing suits.

After some floating and swimming (and a starfish sighting—they’re huge in the water), we decided to head over for lunch. It was barbeque and I had a nice hamburger along with a salad. Oh, and ice cream. Always room for ice cream.

Once we were full, my parents and I rented bicycles and rode them around the island. It was all good fun and then we returned to the beach for a little bit longer. By then, the tide had come in more and the water was deeper. We were able to get up to our chests at that time.

Despite the fact I was wearing a higher SPF than usual and the fact I reapplied often throughout the day, I still returned to the boat sunburnt. Boo.

Since we would have to pack that night, I decided to go one more time down the water slide before I had to dry out my bathing suit. I did so and then headed back to the cubby where I left my glasses, towel and phone. As I did, I hit a wet patch and went down hard on my right side. Some ladies watching asked if I was alright and after I wiggled my fingers as well as moved my shoulder, I said I was.

However, after a snack and a dip in the adult pool, I could tell my shoulder was in pain. So I went back to my stateroom and asked one of my parents to go down to Med Bay with me. It was located on Deck 1 Forward. In the end, it was just a soft tissue injury—a sprain. The doctor gave me Tylenol and sent me on my way.

After a shower, which was a chore between a burgeoning sunburn and a sore shoulder, I went down with my dad to see that night’s show. It was about a girl working with Peter Pan to figure out the secret of magic, along with help from various Disney characters singing various Disney songs.

I was going to play Bingo with my mother but since I lost the time at Med Bay, I had to skip it to pack. Once that was done, we went to dinner at Animator’s Palate. My mouth was salivating to have the pennette bolognaise again. And it was just as good as I remembered. There was a nice show at the end of the meal, complete with an appearance by Mickey Mouse.

We returned to our rooms to change into the clothes we were going to wear back home before putting out our luggage for pickup. The three of us then went down for 80s trivia and our team won! I even supplied one of the winning answers—thanks to my generation’s love of Golden Girls. I then stayed for most of the 80s song trivia which my parents went to collect our pictures.

I turned in a little after midnight as I knew we’d have another early morning. Sure enough, by six-thirty, announcements were going off on the ship that we had been cleared by customs and passengers should prepare to disembark the ship. By seven, I was up and getting ready as I checked my emails now that I was back in the service area. We packed up our carry-ons and made sure we left nothing behind before leaving our staterooms.

Breakfast was in Animator’s Palate. We said goodbye to our wait staff before leaving the ship. After flying through customs, we met Bob outside by the buses. We took the one back to the airport and parted since he was flying United while we were flying JetBlue.

Unfortunately, the weather in New York was very, very, very windy. As such, all flights up there were delayed. Our flight that was set to leave at 2:10 didn’t leave until 6:10. So we had a long wait in the airport. But finally, we made it home. Between the early morning, the sunburn and the traveling, I turned in early.

So that was my trip. I had a great time, even if it was a short cruise.


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