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April 4, 2016

Writing, Writing, Writing

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When I’m not at work, it’s all I seem to be doing. And it’s mostly my fanfiction. I haven’t completely neglected my original work, though. Well, maybe I’ve neglected some of my older manuscripts. I should go back to them.

Late last year, I discovered a writing website called “Novlr.” And I love it. It’s a place to write and store a novel. Available anywhere I can log into the website. So I can write as long as I have internet connection.

I’m writing two novels there. The first is “Long Live the Queen.” I’m sure I’ve written quite a bit on that by now. So let’s move onto the next one!

It’s one right now called “Robin and Moira.” This one has a bit of story to its conception. And it goes back to my Outlander-inspired Outlaw Queen fic, “All That Was Me.” I had been wondering what it would be like to do a reversal—Robin falls into the modern world. So I started to write it.

And then a thought came to me. Why not make it an original story? So I did. It took some doing, trying not to make it connect to Once Upon a Time too much but it worked. So, a bit more of summary you say?

Of course!

Moira Brennan is a single mother raising her two sons since the death of her husband a few years prior. She teaches literature at the local university and specializes in legends and lore.

On the same day she starts a lecture on Robin Hood, she stops at her favorite store to pick up a notebook for her eldest son, who is showing signs of being a budding author. The bookseller gives her a special notebook and she goes home, giving it to her son.

The next morning, her son comes running in to announce that there is a strange man in his room. She goes to investigate and finds herself on the wrong end of an arrow being wielded by a man who calls himself “Robin Hood.”

Moira isn’t sure what to do next. While the man is convinced he’s the infamous thief, Moira believes he’s crazy. She knows she should throw him out but every so often, he says something that makes her question her conviction. Moira starts to believe he really is Robin Hood.

I’m still working on it. But you can bet it’s going to include confused Robin Hood trying to understand modern life; some clashes between Robin’s more fairytale-esque outlook with Moira’s modern day one; and of course, romance. There’s always going to be romance with me.

I can’t wait to see what develops.


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