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March 7, 2016

Congrats, Once Upon a Time

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As I’ve made clear several times over the past year alone, I’m a big fan of “Once Upon a Time.” Last night, the show celebrated a great milestone for a TV show—its 100th episode. I can’t speak to the plot of the episode as if I didn’t write this ahead of time, it would never go up in time.

So what am I going to discuss instead? The past 99 episodes, of course! The reasons why we fell in love with the story. Or at least, why I fell in love with it.

Maybe I’ll convert a few people.

(Warning for spoilers!)

1. New takes on familiar stories

We all know the stories—Prince Charming rescues Snow White with a kiss, Beauty’s love breaks the curse on the Beast, etc. But Once takes them and gives them a twist. The Evil Queen isn’t after Snow White because she thinks the girl is more beautiful than her. No, Snow White told a secret that ended up in the Evil Queen’s true love being killed. And the Beast is also Rumpelstiltskin, reluctant to give up his power in the face of true love but still loving her nonetheless.

2. The characters (namely Regina Mills)

Because of the twists it has made on the stories, Once has really made these characters its own. Especially the Evil Queen, Regina. She’s not just a straight up villain. There are so many shades to her, it’s easy to see how she took the path she did.

3. The relationships

Sometimes it seems the writers have forgotten that we were drawn to the show because of the relationships but they are still the best part of the show. Watching Snow and the Evil Queen reconcile and become friends. To see several women not at each other’s throats but trying to support each other. And a beautiful relationship between a son and his two mothers.

Of course, there are the romantic relationships. Emma opening herself up to love with Captain Hook. Snow and Charming providing a foundation for the whole show. And then there’s my favorite one of all…

4. Outlaw Queen

I’ve talked about this loads of times in the past year. Regina and Robin finding love again in the other is beautiful. These two have amazing chemistry and are as solid as Snow and Charming. I love them, I love them, I love them.

And finally…

5. It’s a show about hope

I don’t think it’s too much of a coincidence that I got really into Once during a period of unstable employment. I wasn’t depressed but I also wasn’t feeling the greatest. So a show about hope and happy endings was just what I needed. And there are countless stories—many more inspiration than mine—about people who found Once got them through horrible periods in their lives.

So congrats to the amazing cast of Once Upon a Time, its crew and creatives. Thank you for such an amazing show.


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