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February 8, 2016

Snowed In

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It was one of the biggest storms they had seen in years. The news and weather channels were following it for days. Everyone in her office had been as well, especially as they weren’t sure how early the storm would hit. It might hit on Friday, forcing an early closing. Or a snow day if it hit early enough.

Carrie hoped that didn’t happen. There were too many reports that needed to be completed by week’s end. She needed to be in all weeklong, including Friday. And so she kept watch, praying that if it was to hit, it would be over the weekend.

“What’s the latest reports?” her husband Tom asked. He sat down next to her on the couch, handing her a mug of coffee as she watched the morning news.

“They’re still saying the snow will start by midnight. We should be able to get through the work day with no problem,” she replied.

Tom nodded. “Good. What do they say about the actual storm?”

“We should bunker down and not plan to do anything this weekend.”

“I’m okay with that,” he replied, kissing her cheek. “Can you imagine everything we can do here in the house?”

She chuckled, leaning into his embrace. “I think you only have one thing on your mind.”

“Guilty as charged.” He kissed her neck. “Do you have any objections?”

“Absolutely not.” She finished her coffee. “I should head out. See you tonight?”

Tom nodded. “Get gas. Do you want me to pick up anything from the store?”

“I think we’re covered. Maybe just some more milk and bread.”

“The snowstorm essentials. Got it.” He kissed her. “Have a good day, my dear.”

“Alright, I want everyone to head out now. Let’s get home and get settled before the storm hits,” her boss, Jim, said at four o’clock.

Carrie frowned. “Are you sure? Forecasts say we’re not supposed to get hit until later tonight.”

“I know but my wife called,” he said. “Flurries have hit our town. It’s coming. So let’s be safe than sorry.”

“Sounds good to me.” Lisa, one of her colleagues, stood and began to pack up to leave.

Carrie nodded. “I guess it’s for the best. I can always finish this at home.”

“Come on. You’re going to work rather than cuddling Tom?” Lisa teased her.

“I can do both,” she replied. “I’m multitalented.”

Lisa laughed. “Well, stay safe and warm this weekend. Hopefully I’ll see you on Monday.”

Carrie nodded. “Keep your fingers crossed!”

Tom was already home by the time she got there. “Did they let you go early too?”

“Yep,” he said, kissing her. “So I’ve started dinner. I hope you’re in the mood for fish.”

She hummed, leaning against him. “That sounds perfect. I’ll go change and I’ll be right down.”

“Don’t take too long or I might eat your fish as well,” he called after her.

Carrie laughed as she ran upstairs. She shucked off her work clothes, changing into a warm sweater and comfortable jeans. Once her feet were being warmed in her slippers, she headed downstairs to find Tom setting the table.

He handed her a glass of wine as she took her seat. “It’s started to snow,” he told her.

“Looks like we’re in for the weekend,” she replied, holding out her glass. “To blizzards?”

“To blizzards,” he agreed, clinking his glass with hers.

They sipped their wine and ate their fish as the winds howled outside the window. Carrie shivered though the house was warm and Tom frowned. “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine,” she replied, setting down her glass. “I’m glad I’m in here and not out there.”

He nodded, leaning forward. “How about after dinner, I light a fire and we cuddle on the couch for a little bit? Maybe play a little music?”

“That sounds like the perfect way to spend a snowy evening,” she agreed.

The fire roared in the hearth, crackling as it consumed the log Tom had placed inside. He sat curled up with Carrie on their couch, the quilt her grandmother had made for their wedding wrapped around them.

She sighed, sinking further into his embrace. “This is nice. Why was I so worried about this storm again?”

“You were worried about your workday and forgot to focus on what would happen afterward.” He kissed her temple.

“Oh, right.” She closed her eyes. “I was being really silly, wasn’t I?”

He chuckled. “Only as silly as everyone else when a snowstorm is supposed to hit.”

“I guess.”

They laid together as the night wore on, Carrie fighting sleep. After the fourth or fifth time her head hit his shoulder, Tom jostled her gently. “Why don’t we turn in?”

“What about snowed in sex?”

He chuckled. “It’s supposed to snow all day. We’ll have plenty of time for that.”

She nodded, letting him help her up. Tom gave her a quick peck. “Head up without me, darling. I’ll put out the fire and then join you.”

“Okay. Don’t take too long.” She wrapped the blanket around her and padded up the steps.

Once in their bedroom, she looked out the window to see how the storm was going. Snow blew in a white frenzy on the other side, having already accumulated a significant amount on the ground. The road was covered and she couldn’t see any grass anymore.

Strong arms wrapped around her. “We’re going to have a lot of digging to do when this all over.”

“Ugh, don’t remind me.”

“We have time for that,” he told her, leading her to the bed. “First, snowed in cuddling. And then snowed in sex.”

Carrie smiled. “I can’t wait.”

They climbed into bed and Tom turned off the lights as she curled up next to him. Her eyes closed as the wind began to howl outside the window, the start of the predicted blizzard. She sighed, content and warm in his embrace.

As she drifted off, she couldn’t remember why she had been so worried about this storm in the first place.


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