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December 7, 2015

Fanfiction, Original Fiction and Me

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In my last post, I said I was grateful for the Outlaw Queen fandom from Once Upon a Time. And that I was going to expound on it. So here we go:

I’ve been posting Outlaw Queen fanfiction for over a year now. And it’s been great. Fans love my writing. “All That Was Me” had its own hashtag on Twitter! I never thought I’d have that with my original writing, let along a fanfic. People also adore my Dark!Robin story, “The Prince of Darkness,” which makes me happy. It just started out as a one-shot. And then it grew bigger. Now, I’m planning a sequel as well.

Then there are my non-magical AUs—”Comfort Food,” “The Nanny,” and “Building a Family.” All have good followings, especially “The Nanny.” People clamor for updates. And they are really complimentary.

But I’m not writing this to toot my own horn. (Okay, maybe a little). I have a point beyond that.

One of the good things about fanfiction is that feedback is almost automatic. I post something and within hours, I have reviews and comments. Most, to be honest, are just “Write more!” Which is nice because it means people like the story and want more. It’s just annoying because it doesn’t tell me why they want me to write more. But I do get feedback.

There are people who also call me their favorite author, which is quite an ego-boost. It gave me a confidence in my abilities as a writer. Which I needed, trust me.

Why? Because going to places to post original work is a bit different. Most of the places are akin to a writing group. They are there to give critical feedback, which is great. But it can be difficult to get it. Then again, it sometimes feels the same with fanfiction. But I still feel feedback for fanfiction is more instant.

So, yes, I’ve been focusing on my fanfiction. Maybe because of the response but I think because I’m so inspired. And it is spilling over to my original writing. After all, my NaNoWriMo project was inspired by Once and Outlaw Queen.

I’d like to thank my fellow OQers. You guys are awesome and so supportive (well, for the most part. But the negative ones have been very few). And you’ve made me eager to share my writing again. So I hope you all give “Long Live the Queen” a read when I start posting it.



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