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October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween

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I know I usually post on Mondays but I couldn’t resist. It is Halloween!

(Okay, I also missed my Monday deadline).

I’m celebrating tonight. There’s a place in my hometown offering a nice prize ($1000) for best costume and my friend is gearing up to win. I think she could take it. Me? I’m just going to be having fun and making sure I don’t get as drunk as I did last year.

But this post isn’t about my party plans. It’s about other Halloween things. Like ghosts. You know I love ghost stories. So here is another from my hometown:

Around the corner from where I live is a place called The Old Bermuda Inn. It’s primarily a catering hall and I’ve been to many events in there. However it was built off the Mesereau mansion which dates back to the early 19th century and parts of the old house still remain.

When the Civil War broke out, Mesereau went off to fight. His wife, Martha, kept vigil for her husband and left a candle in the window to guide his ship home. She prayed for his safe return but her wish was not granted. Mesereau died in battle.

Martha was inconsolable when she learned her husband’s fate. Legend says that she died of a broken heart. But she was not reunited with her husband in death for her ghost is said to haunt the Old Bermuda Inn, waiting for him to return.

There have been reports of her being spotted in the window believed to have been her bedroom’s. Workers have also found doors unlocked despite having locked them. There have been reports of female patrons finding their jewelry loosened to the point they fall off. And during renovations, a painting of Martha Mesereau caught fire mysteriously. It wasn’t destroyed but there are still scorch marks on it.

I’ve never seen or experienced anything paranormal there, though I have looked for Martha Mesereau. Maybe one day I’ll see her, maybe not. I just know she’s there, waiting for a husband who will never come home.

Happy Halloween!


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