A Writer's Journey

October 5, 2015

*Insert Inhuman Noise of Joy Here*

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So something exciting happened to me a couple weeks ago. As I’ve said before, I write fanfiction. Lately, it’s been “Once Upon a Time” fanfiction. And mostly for one specific pairing—the Evil Queen/Robin Hood one. (Trust me, it works). Anyway, a reader gave me a prompt and I wrote a one-shot about it. She then tweeted a link to the one shot, thanking me for writing it.

Others retweeted and favorited it during the day. Then I got the notification—it had been favorited by Sean Maguire. For those who don’t know, he’s the actor who plays Robin Hood on “Once Upon a Time.” I don’t know if he actually read it but the fact he saw something about it was enough to send me into a tizzy of fangirling.

It would be cool if he read it. And if he told others to read it. I’ve written about authors discovered because of their fanfiction. While I wouldn’t just rewrite a fanfic to make it original, it would be cool to get a book deal because the right people saw my fanfiction.

Of course, I feel I’ll probably have to keep going the traditional routes. I don’t mind it though I should probably get a move on it. I just need to manage my little writing time a bit better, I guess. It’s just that I know I really can’t balance between my fanfiction and my original fiction. One just consumes me. And right now, it’s the fanfiction.

But we’ll see. Wish me luck!


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