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September 28, 2015


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I am a Millennial.

That’s probably not much of a surprise, right? It probably has seemed like I’m a Millennial from past posts.

Why am I bringing this up now? Work. Seems strange, right? Well, not really, if you look at many business articles. It seems the baby boomers are realizing that we’re no longer children and what’s more—we’re a growing majority. They are realizing that we are different from them. That we have different values, different beliefs, different needs, different wants, different challenges. And they are realizing that they need to start listening to us for their organizations to have future viability.

So my company is starting to do that research. Our board is looking into it. My CEO asked me to put together a chart showing where our management staff fell generation-wise. We are split evenly between Millennials and Gen Xers but most of senior management are baby boomers. They will be retiring over the next decade. We are the next leaders.

I’m sitting on a committee with some fellow Millennial colleagues to help guide our organization. We had a good first meeting a couple weeks ago and we were heard. Our CEO and COO want to have another meeting soon and gave us some things to think about before it.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens now. And I’ll keep you posted.


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