A Writer's Journey

September 14, 2015


So, last week I talked about my vacation.

But something also happened on my vacation, writing-wise. I got an idea about my fairy tale reincarnation series. Funnily enough, I got while riding the Little Mermaid ride. You know, since it deals with a fairy tale princess. And my series is about reincarnated fairy tale princesses.

So what happened? Well, I decided it would make more sense if everything happened at the Royal Plaza—the hotel Gwen (Snow White) works in. Everyone either works or lives there, to give it a central location. I could even use the Royal Plaza in the series name somehow.

This means rewrites for “Fairest of Them All” and “Dreams of the Rose.” And I’m scrapping “The Best Medicine.” While I like the idea of doing one the more obscure princesses (in this case, the princess who never laughed), it was a bit difficult to write. And I’ve never been too thrilled with it. So she’s getting replaced.

(Sorry, Savannah. I promise I’ll tell your story. Just not right now).

I had planned on writing Kalliope’s story for NaNoWriMo this year but looks like that’s going to change. Instead, I’ll be working on Ellie’s story—she’s Savannah’s replacement. I’m sure you’ve all guessed who Ellie is supposed to be—Cinderella. There will probably be some tweaks (I’m already thinking a stepfather instead of a stepmother) but I’ll see. I have until November.

Which is coming up really fast.

That’s kinda scary.


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