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September 7, 2015

Vacation Roundup!

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As I said two weeks ago, I was on vacation.

But something strange happened to me. Something that’s never happened before on a vacation (especially a Disney one). I looked at my parents and said I was done. They were surprised but they said we had San Diego to unwind.

I had to clarify then what I meant by done. I was done with hotel rooms, eating out, walking around—I was done with vacation. Instead of driving to San Diego, I wanted to go back to the airport and fly home to New York. Maybe bum around my house for the next three or four days of the time I took off from work. Go see a Broadway show on a discounted ticket or hang out at the Jersey shore.

Despite that, I climbed into our rental car and went to San Diego. But I was still not a happy camper.

What had caused that?

Disneyland + D23 Expo= 4 really busy and stressful days.

Seriously, we packed way too much into those first four days. I had burned out by Monday. But let me back up to Thursday. Because the vacation started out fine.

We flew into Long Beach, which was less than a half hour’s drive to Anaheim. We stayed at the Best Western and as we pulled up to turn into it, I looked out my window and said, “Oh crap. Disneyland!” Yes, it was right across the street from our hotel. Which made it easy to walk to and from every day.

After checking in, we went to the buffet next door because we were starving. It was very good, though we’re also still not sure if it was because of how hungry we were.

Once we had eaten, we went exploring. Since we’re used to Disney World, it was novel to us that the entrances to both parks, Magic Kingdom and California Adventure, were feet from each other. Or that Downtown Disney was just feet away from both of them. It seemed strange to be able to walk all around Disney property. We also found the Disneyland hotel and convention center before walking back to our hotel.

I took a dip in the pool, glad it wasn’t too cold but not too warm. Just enough to be refreshing, which was good. I then also jumped into the hot tub, where everyone else was. I met some nice people from Northern California and from Minnesota. The people from Minnesota were quite surprised when I told them gas prices in New York. Seems ours are lower than theirs. And California in general. (Over four dollars a gallon and a drought? You poor souls).

After watching the fireworks, we turned in for the night. Well, my sister didn’t even make it to the fireworks. She was out like a light way before that. I hopped in the shower and wasn’t going to head to bed yet, but I laid down on the couch and jet lag did the rest. I woke up a couple hours later and finally put myself to bed.

In the morning, I woke up and got ready. My mother and sister already went to the conference and found chaos. So they went to Disneyland instead, meeting my father there. I didn’t get in much later than them. We met up at Star Tours and continued going around the park for a few hours.

While we were there, it was hot. Really hot. I don’t do the heat well. Never have. But we used to go to Disney World in August, right after schools down South have opened but right before the ones up here in the North have. Ever been to Florida in August? It’s hot and humid. But did California’s heat play a role in me being done? Have I gotten worse as I’ve gotten older?

Or was it that Disneyland is not designed to accommodate the heat? A lot of the queues are outside. And even the air conditioning we did encounter didn’t seem cranked up. There was a coolness at first but as the rides went on, it got warm again. The same was true of the convention as well.

Then there was the walking. So much walking. I’m surprised my feet didn’t fall off. And yes, I know I do a lot of walking at Disney World. But this was a lot more due to the convention. We walked the few blocks between our hotel and the Anaheim Convention Center, both ways. Then there was walking around the convention center, which is almost as large as the Jacob Javitts. So I did a lot of walking around the place. In fact, my back started to hurt from it.

So, heat and a lot of walking. Not very relaxing, right? I guess all of that added up to done. And while San Diego was more relaxing, I was still happy to get on that plane and return to New York.

I learned my lesson. Never mix a convention and a theme park on the same day. If I do go to the D23 expo again, I’ll keep Disneyland separate. Just focus on the expo and then the park. And no other stop in California. If I want to visit some other cities, they’ll have to be a separate trip.

So now I’ve been back a few weeks. And it feels good. I’m in no mood to rush off for another vacation. Though I do have to start planning my birthday extravaganza. You know, the one I talked about in this post. Should be fun!


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