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January 26, 2015

Social Media’s Changing Role in Writing

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I’m on social media.

You know this, I’m sure. I have links on the side of my blog. My twitter feeds into this blog, as you can read on the side blog. Many authors have websites, Twitters and the like. Facebook pages seem to be par for the course for everyone: celebrities, shows, authors, musicians, and anyone with a following.

Social media has affecting writing for good and for ill. I’ve covered some of the ill in my post “Writers Behaving Badly.” I’m not covering that again. No, this time I’m focusing on how social media has affected writing for good.

I have been candid about my fanfiction writing. Especially as I’m writing one I’m really proud of right now. (Shameless plug!) There are articles detailing how far back the concept of fanfiction goes—for example, that Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre was a fanfiction based on Jane Austen’s Emma. Namely, how Bronte drew inspiration from Jane Fairfax in Austen’s novel.

Others have been found through fanfiction. The most famous, of course, are Cassandra Clare and E.L. James. But both have controversy surrounding them: Many still smart from Clare’s plagiarism scandal and there are many problems people have with James’ famous books. But there are other, lesser known authors who have started in fanfiction (or continue to write it) without any controversy. Which only goes to show that no platform is too obscure these days.

Writers have found ways to adapt to new mediums presented by social media. Like Twitter. Confining what you want to say to 140 characters is a grand challenge. Some writers manage to use it to tell their stories. Others have used the platform and gotten discovered. I think one of the most famous examples is Justin Halpern, who ran the twitter “Sh!t my Dad Says.” It grew in popularity, leading to a book deal with Harper Collins and eventually to a short lived sitcom on CBS.

And then there’s tumblr. While blogs being turned into books predate the website, tumblr has made it easier. They even have someone on staff to help aspiring authors use the platform to get published. Being popular helps as well. Like “Suri’s Burn Book.” What started as a funny tumblr became a best-selling book. So one never knows.

Social media has also affect how authors and readers interact. Some of it has been for ill. But we’re not here to discuss that this week. We’re here to discuss positive things. Like how Twitter, blogs, and tumblr have made it easier for readers and authors to connect. Book review blogs like this one have risen in prominence. And of course, there are sites like Goodreads where readers can interact with each other and even authors.

So, let’s here it for social media.

At least for this week.


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