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January 5, 2015

Time to Wrap the Year Up

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I feel like I was writing my 2013 review just yesterday. What happened?

Anyway, let’s take a look at my 2014, shall we?

For those who are new, I don’t make resolutions. I make anticipations instead. I anticipate what I’m going to do that year. Let’s look back at what I wrote last year:

I anticipate finishing “The Conference House” and “Dreams of a Rose.”

I anticipate more posts, hopefully getting back to a weekly posting schedule.

I anticipate more contests to submit to.

I anticipate more flash fiction.

And I anticipate shopping a manuscript around before December.

Hmm, okay. I did finish “Dreams of a Rose” but not “The Conference House.”

I wrote more posts and managed to get back on a weekly posting schedule. For the most part. I had a few weeks go by without posting and a few times I didn’t post on Monday. But still regular.

I didn’t submit to many contests this year. Things got a little busy…

But I did manage to start posting “Fairest of Them All” on Scribophile. Yay!

Not so much on the flash fiction. I did start a new fanfiction that I’m proud of, so there’s that.

As for shopping around a manuscript? *Insert laughter here* Yeah, maybe next year…

So there’s my first anticipation for 2015! But let me put them in list form:

I anticipate finishing “The Best Medicine” and “The Conference House.”

On the fanfiction front, I anticipate finishing “All That Was Me” and starting its sequel, “Once Upon a Time.”

I anticipate finishing editing “The Wedding Game” and “Fairest of Them All.”

I anticipate starting to edit “Dreams of a Rose.”

I anticipate I will continue posting regularly.

I anticipate entering more contests this year.

And, as I said, I anticipate shopping around a manuscript by December.

So, cheers to 2014!


And here’s to 2015!



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