A Writer's Journey

November 2, 2014

NaNoWriMo 2014!

Holy crap, it’s November. When did that happen?

So, it’s National Novel Writing Month again! Yes, I’m participating again. Hopefully, I’ll win this year. Or at least break 15,000.

I feel I’m better prepared this year. This is my third year, so I’m more experienced. And this is my second year working while participating, so I’m experienced there too. I’ve learning how to adjust my approach.

I’m continuing my “Reincarnated Princesses” series with “The Best Medicine.” This is focused on Gwen and Rosalie’s roommate, Savannah. She’s a nurse who everyone feels needs to learn to “let loose” every now and then. Savannah, though, disagrees. She thinks she has fun enough on her own terms, in her own ways.

At work, though, she’s challenged by Marco, a new nurse. He definitely believes “laughter is the best medicine” and comes across as a joker who doesn’t take things seriously to Savannah. She dislikes him immediately and that seems to make him want to bother her more.

Her father, a prominent doctor, suffers a sudden heart attack and comes out with a new outlook on life. He realizes he may have been too serious and too strict with Savannah and worries about her. He wants her to relax and have some fun. He asks her friends to help him—including Marco.

Marco takes his new task seriously. This both surprises and annoys Savannah. But she starts to loosen up and realizes that there are new ways to enjoy life. She also starts to see a new side to Marco.

Savannah is my most obscure princess—the Princess Who Never Laughed. She’s going to be a challenge. But challenges are a good thing for writers.

Good luck, fellow NaNo participants!


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