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October 20, 2014

Ghost Parties

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Over Labor Day weekend, my parents and I went down to Virginia to visit my sister. She moved to Richmond, about 45 minutes away from Williamsburg. We realized we hadn’t been there in a long time and went one of the days we were there. To end our day there, we went on a ghost tour. Our tour guide, who had to wear an eye patch due to a scratched cornea, took us to different locations and shared stories experienced by herself and fellow employees.

One of the stories was about how she came at night with a few friends, one of whom was a medium. At one house, he told his companions that the ghosts were lined up and another ghost was going over the rules of the party. Yep, a party.

Apparently, ghosts are very active during season changes. And they celebrate with parties!

In case you were wondering, the rules included no fighting and  no scaring living people. Ghosts aren’t supposed to interact with the living at all during these parties. In fact, our guide said that one ghost was thrown out of the party by the bouncer for breaking the rules. This ghost apparently decided to scare some drunk college kids during the last party. So he was banned for eternity.

Our guide says she and her friends continued to wander through the invisible party happening around them. She says at one point, her friend says he was kissed by a ghost. The young ghost was embarrassed and flitted away. Our guide admits that she wanted to get a ghost kiss too. So she walked around, trying to look alluring to the ghosts. It didn’t work. She told us she’s going to try again. I wish her luck.

It makes me wonder, though: Do other places have ghost parties? Are there ones on Staten Island? Or in New York City in general? Do they happen around us and we just don’t know? I’d love to attend one. I would just need two things:

1. To know where the party is

2. To know a medium



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