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September 29, 2014

So You Like Outlander?

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Take a deep breath, Outlander fans. I know we have to wait for April 4th for the rest of season 1. But we’ll survive. For my part, I’m finally going to read Voyager. I kinda shoved it down on the list because I wasn’t too thrilled with Dragonfly in Amber. But I think I’m ready to start again.

Anyway, what if you’ve read all of the books in the Outlander series? I’m sure you want to read something similar. Well, I’m here to suggest a new series for you!

I’ve written about these books before—Sara Donati’s “Into the Wilderness” series. Ms. Donati was inspired by Diana Gabaldon and Jamie and Claire even make cameo appearances in her first book.

“Into the Wilderness” takes place in New York in 1792. Elizabeth Middleton arrives in Paradise, NY, with her brother Julian after being raised by relatives in England. They are reunited with their father, the town judge. Julian is there to start a new life after his vices caught up with him in England while Elizabeth is there to open a school. But her father has other plans. He wants her to marry Dr. Richard Todd, who wants some of the land Judge Middleton owns. Well, land Elizabeth really owns.

Elizabeth, though, has resigned herself to the life of spinster and wants to devote herself to educating all the children of Paradise. But then Nathaniel Bonner enters her life. He infuriates her but intrigues her at the same time. They fall in love and Elizabeth decides she wants to marry Nathaniel. But Todd objects, forcing the two to marry in secret and flee into the New York wilderness. Using nothing but their wits and Nathaniel’s knowledge of the wilderness, they try to avoid Todd and get their happily ever after.

Ms. Donati creates a wonderful, intricate and intriguing world in Paradise and the New York wilderness. Her prose is beautiful and I adore the relationship she creates between Elizabeth and Nathaniel. Todd as a villain is one you can feel both revulsion and sympathy for. And it just goes on and on…

If you love the Highlanders, I am certain you’ll love the Mohawks. And Scotland plays a large role in the second book.

Give it a chance. You might like it.

And then come over here so we can squeal about it together.

into the wilderness


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