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September 8, 2014

Fairest of Them All Update

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It’s been a while, hasn’t it? But I haven’t forgotten about this project. Not with this year’s NaNoWriMo fast approaching. (Seriously, where’s this year going?) So I wanted to get editing before I dove into the next project. And I really wanted to start putting it on Scribophile.

So I looked over the first chapter again. And I did some rewrites. Upon rereading, I realized that the first hint of the past life implies she’s already with the dwarves. But I then contradict that in later chapters. So I had to rework it.

Thankfully, the solution came easily to me: Include the huntsman! So I rewrote that scene. It was actually pretty easy. And I like the scene at lot more than the original.

On to other NaNoWriMo updates…

I’m looking forward to writing the next project—“The Best Medicine.” Yes, I already have a title! I’m ahead of the game this time. Which is a surprise as I thought Kalliope would have the third book, not Savannah.

But here’s how I imagine the series: Each book is not only a different girl, but covers a different time of the year. So far:

Gwen: Halloween to just before Christmas.

Rosalie: New Year’s to Valentine’s Day

Savannah: St. Patrick’s Day to Memorial Day

Savannah’s is just a plan right now. After all, I’m not starting to write until November!

Which can take it’s time getting here. This year is going too fast as it is.


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