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August 4, 2014

Adventures in Kitten Sitting

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I love cats.

That’s not to knock dogs. I like dogs as well. And they like me. So do most cats, to be honest.

A family friend recently adopted an orange tabby kitten. But she’s also going on a vacation. So she asked us to take care of him. And we were happy to do so. The kitten is a tom named Sorbet because his mother’s name is Sherbet. Since he’s a kitten, he’s still a bit skittish. But he’s warming up to us.

Usually, he hides in this cardboard box our friend keeps in his box. But when we turn off the lights, out he pops. He likes to sit in his litter box and play with the litter. It gets everywhere! My mother clean his crate while I kept him entertained, but he got it dirty the very next day. We’ll probably do it again, but it’ll probably get dirty once more.

We feed him twice a day and he’s a hungry little kitty! But he’s also learned how to ration his food so he has more for later. So he’s a smart kitty!

He also likes to cuddle. Which is good because we like to cuddle him. Get him between you and the couch and he’s good. Especially if he can stretch out. My mom says he reminds her of me as a baby because one paw always must be free. I always had to have one hand free and won that war with the nurses who kept swaddling me.

Before they came to our house, Sorbet apparently lost his favorite green ball. He threw it out of the crate and so it’s lying around the house somewhere. They brought this mouse toy instead but the cat’s not too thrilled with it. He’s left it in his bowl—out of sight, out of mind—and buried it in his litter box. But after a few days, he seemed to mellow out about the mouse. Still, I don’t think he’s very fond of the thing.

It’s been fun having him around the house. And it’ll help if I ever give a character a cat. Which, given my love for them, I probably will.

Our kitty houseguest, Sorbet.

Our kitty houseguest, Sorbet.


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