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July 28, 2014

Ella Update

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In my last entry, I noted that the wonderful IT people at my job were able to pull everything off my old hard drive. So I had everything I had written for Ella intact! I was very relieved. Very, very relieved.

And very, very ecstatic. All that work, saved!

I had considered my very first draft for Ella to be lost. In fact, I started a new one on Google docs. It’s still there and I’m not sure how much I want to bring over to my original document. Right now, I’m leaning toward my second shot at the Cinderella-esque tale Ella loves to read. It’s a bit longer and a bit better, in my opinion. I’ll see.

But it’s progressing nicely. I’m setting up Ella’s world and her family. I’ve already introduced the possible love interest. And it’s a bit early for me. In the past, I haven’t introduced the love interest before the third chapter. I’m getting a bit better at that. Yay! Of course, they are a bit combative right now. They probably will be combative for a good part of the story. I’ll see.

I’m really excited about this one. Of course, I’m usually excited about all my projects. But this is the new one. So the excitement is a bit different.

We’ll see.


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