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July 14, 2014

My Saturday Night Obsession

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I know most people my age spend Saturday night out, drinking and going to clubs. But I discovered a long time ago that I’m a homebody. Maybe I need to go out more sometimes. Especially if I want to jump start my stalled love life.

But we’re not here to discuss that. That’s for my private diary. No, we’re going to discuss how I spend my Saturday nights.

I am a Discovery ID addict.

Especially their Saturday night line up. Which mostly deal with romances gone very, very wrong.

There’s Happily Never After. It features the story of a couple whose wedded bliss ends in homicide. Sometimes, it’s the groom. Other times, it’s the bride. A few times, it’s someone else entirely. They re-enact scenes from the couple’s courtship and the investigation. Interviews help flesh out the story, often with those who knew the couple as well as investigators. They also interview a psychologist, especially if the culprit is part of the couple.

And then there’s Scorned: Love Kills. This is about relationships—normally not marriages—that end in homicide. (Sensing a pattern yet?) Cheating is usually the number one reason. Obsession is also a big factor in it.

Why do I like these shows? I guess because I do like mysteries. But I think because these are romances as well. They don’t have happily-ever-afters or even happy-for-nows. But the romance is still there.

And it fascinates me. It’s the dark side of romance. The passion and the lust. The secrets and the lies. The chaos and the destruction. All make good stories, if sad ones.

They also get me thinking. Thinking about writing. Surprised, right? And not about writing mysteries. I don’t think I would be able to write that genre well. Let others write the books which keep the readers at the edge of their seat, trying to figure out whodunit. I’ll stick to trying to keep my readers at the edge of their seat, trying to figure out when my hero and heroine will kiss.

But I would like to try a dark romance. Well, maybe it wouldn’t be classified as romance. It wouldn’t have a happily-ever-after or a happily-for-now, after all. But it would be interesting to explore.

Hmm…We’ll see.


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